February 23, 2016
'Girls' Season 5 Spoilers — Showrunner Jenni Konner Talks Adam And Jessa's Big Kiss, Plus Why Will Season 6 Be The Last?

As the fifth season of HBO's Girls continues to unfold, fans have one more season to go before the series ends. However, that doesn't mean the show has a lack of surprises in store. In fact, in the Season 5 premiere, fans witnessed a make out session between Adam (Adam Driver) and Jessa (Jemima Kirke). While this kiss caught some fans by surprise, co-showrunner Jenni Konner recently revealed that fans should have seen it coming.

During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Konner discussed the kiss at Marnie's (Allison Williams) wedding. In particular, Konner revealed that Adam and Jessa share certain characteristics that made their pairing inevitable.

"We started to hint at that last year; we knew it was coming... They're two people who are almost too volatile and too sexual and too reckless that it feels a little bit like it's only a matter of time, and I don't think there was anything going on behind Hannah's back in that way. I do think they built a friendship through AA, and it started to turn, and they're both really freaked out about that possibility."
Adam and Jessa shocked fans with their kiss at Marnie's wedding. [Image via HBO]
Adam and Jessa shocked fans with their kiss at Marnie's wedding. [Image via HBO]Unfortunately, Konner did not dish out any details about the fate of Adam and Jessa's relationship. While the theme of this season and the next will focus on growing up into womanhood, there is a good chance that the two will decide to keep their romance alive and well.

Speaking of the final two seasons, it is interesting that Konner, Lena Dunham, and Judd Apatow have decided to end the hit series after its sixth season. While fans are still puzzled by this decision, Konner explained their reasoning in an interview with E! Online.

For starters, Konner explained how the show has evolved to the point where a natural end is now in sight. After all, the show only had so many years before its characters, who started off as girls, developed into women.

"Judd, Lena and I really felt like we know the ending now and once you know the ending, you can't just kick around for a while... You have to get there. The show's called Girls, not Women, and it just seemed like the natural time to wrap up."
The entire cast was together for the season 5 premiere, a rarity on 'Girls.' [Image via HBO]
The entire cast was together for the Season 5 premiere, a rarity on 'Girls.' [Image via HBO]In making their decision to wrap things up for good, Konner stated that the latter part of Season 5 made them realize that an end was near. Apparently, it all came down to a creative decision as the writers did not want to pointlessly extend the series. This conclusion may come as a disappointment to fans, but it will be nice to see the characters receive a proper ending by next season's finale.
"Especially the second half of the season... That's when we really knew and really were going for it. I do think when we knew we were going to end for sure then what we knew was that time was ticking on the stories, and so it's like speak now or forever hold your peace."
According to the Atlantic, the series has plenty of classic moments ahead in Season 5 that should keep fans wanting more. This includes a trip to Japan in Episode 3 to see how Shoshanna has progressed. Not only will this point of view spark additional controversy over Western stereotypes, but it will also highlight the series lack of diversity in cast members.

Of course, there is always the show's portrayal of men to look forward to in the final two seasons. Perhaps none as true as Marnie's husband, Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who continues to be one of the show's biggest caricatures of manhood.

The fifth season of Girls airs Sunday nights on HBO.

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[Image via HBO]