February 23, 2016
Teresa Giudice Exhausted From Working: Awaits Joe’s Time Behind Bars

Teresa Giudice is back to work after she was released from prison back on December 23, 2015. Sources say that she started filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey as soon as she was released, and that her holiday parties were featured on this upcoming season of the show. But Teresa has been so busy with her new book that she hasn't even had a moment to breathe. Turning The Tables was released earlier this month and has already become a bestselling book. According to a new Radar Online report, Teresa Giudice is supposedly exhausted from the work, and she looks forward to slowing down a bit.

Of course, Teresa is stressed out because she's working hard to promote her book, but also preparing emotionally for her husband to turn himself in. Joe Giudice is scheduled to serve 41 months behind bars, which is over three years. He is expected to turn himself in on March 23. While they do have a month together, Teresa is preparing to live her life without her husband for three years.

"She is grateful to have the job, which has allowed Teresa to pay off restitution and be current with mortgage payments on the house. It has been very healing to be surrounded by by her friends and family. But she's just exhausted from all the work," a source has revealed to Radar Online, adding, "Joe and Teresa will go away together, just the two of them. No cameras, no kids" before he turns himself in.

Even though Joe only has a few weeks of freedom left, he did take the time to come support his wife, Teresa Giudice, at her recent book party. Her book, Turning The Tables, explains her journey from being a famous housewife to convict to back again. Surely, he is supporting her success, as the couple has struggled with finances before. And even Teresa's sister-in-law and brother are stepping up as big support systems for her. Both Melissa and Joe Gorga attended her book signing.

"Teresa made a heartfelt speech about the tremendous amount of support she got while behind bars, and since the release of the book," the insider reveals, adding, "Joe stood beaming by her side and couldn't have been more proud."

The cameras may be there to capture Joe Giudice's departure as he leaves for prison on March 23. The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been announced by Bravo, and the ladies are discussing this upcoming season. Not only will Melissa return, but Jacqueline Laurita is also returning to make peace with Teresa Giudice.

"You're gonna have to see how that plays out," Teresa has teased about the upcoming season and her interaction with Jacqueline, according to Reality Tea, adding, "She's been supporting me, which I think is great. She always has and I want to do the same with her."

Even though previous seasons have been dramatic for Giudice, she seems very optimistic about this season. At her book release party, Teresa revealed that this season is quite powerful and will be touching for viewers. She also hinted that Dina Manzo was welcome to return to the show, even though she moved to California last year.

"I think this season's gonna touch your heart," Teresa has revealed about this upcoming season, adding about her friend, Dina Manzo, "I love her. She's one of my best friends." Giudice also teases that this season will be much better than previous ones, adding, "You're gonna have women that support each other, that lift each other up. I think that's what life's all about."

What do you think of Teresa Giudice being tired and exhausted from working?

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