#KillerPost Reveals Secret Life Of Tarence "TJ" Mitchell, Teen Accused Of Murdering Older Lover Ronald Taylor

Tarence "TJ" Mitchell is the focus of this week's #KillerPost, the Oxygen series which brings viewers stories of death and murder that were fueled by social media posts. According to Daily Mail, Mitchell -- a former Bloomfield High School football star -- stabbed his older lover Ronald Taylor to death with a steak knife in Connecticut three years ago.

In Saturday's episode, titled "Taylor/Mitchell," police detectives will delve into the case of the handsome high school football captain who risked it all to keep his secret hidden from his girlfriends and teammates -- a secret that would leave one man dead and another with the loss of a promising future. The tragic story will be told through the eyes of law enforcement, crime experts, and those who knew Mitchell and Taylor.

Mitchell is currently serving a 12-year sentence in the Connecticut Department of Corrections.


Taylor was killed in November, 2013. That's when authorities received a 911 call from neighbors who stated that they could hear two people running and fighting. When first responders arrived, they found one bleeding man on the ground with stab wounds and a teenage boy standing over him.

Mitchell told investigators that he was talking with Ronald Taylor and preparing to leave, when two guys wearing black hoodies came up behind them and began assaulting them with a knife. It appeared that Mitchell, who only sustained some cuts to the hand, survived the vicious attack while an autopsy report concluded that Ronald Taylor died from multiple stab wounds to the body, Daily Mail reported.


It was a shocking turn of events for residents of Bloomfield, a town known to be centered around football. At the time of the incident, Mitchell was an 18-year-old student at Bloomfield High School who made good grades and had a promising future. He was also the football team's captain. By all accounts, Mitchell came from a good family who instilled good values in him, leading many to believe that something else had to have taken place for him to pull out a knife and stab someone to death.

What many couldn't understand was how and why it all happened. Taylor was said to be like a mentor to Mitchell -- an older guy who seemed like a "cool" friend.

But, the #KillerPost episode will reveal a much darker picture.

Mitchell told detectives that Taylor had been his lover for the past two years, but when he tried to break it off with him, the older man came over to his home. Taylor allegedly became upset when he found out that Mitchell had been texting girls. Detectives also learned that the sexual relationship between the two men started when Mitchell was just 16 years old and Taylor was 25. Court records show that the victim gave Mitchell alcohol and weed to smoke while he was underage.


According to The Hartford Courant, defense attorneys alleged that the lad killed his older lover in self-defense after years of abuse. They also alleged that the terrible events evolved after Taylor texted Mitchell, telling him that he was coming over. He also posted a message on Facebook stating that it wouldn't "end well."

Members of Taylor's family believe that Mitchell killed him in a fit anger after he outed the Bloomfield High School football star on Facebook with a photo and a link to a blog post revealing Mitchell's sexual orientation.

Mitchell eventually confessed to stabbing his lover in a plea agreement that found him convicted of the lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter instead of murder.