February 23, 2016
Matt Baier Slammed Kailyn Lowry On Twitter: Was He Desperate To Get On 'Teen Mom'?

Matt Baier joined Teen Mom last year when Amber Portwood announced that she had started dating him. She told a Teen Mom producer that he had moved in after they met on Twitter. Fans were questioning his motives, as he had reached out to her on Twitter -- possibly because she was famous. But Amber reassured her fans that he wasn't dating her because she was on television. However, that may be a lie. According to a new report, Matt Baier's name has now surfaced in a report that claims he was watching Teen Mom long before he met Amber, and he wasn't being very kind to the young mothers.

Apparently, Baier was slamming Kailyn Lowry when watching older episodes of Teen Mom 2. He may be engaged to Amber now, but back when he wrote these tweets, he may not have been with Portwood. It is very possible that he wanted to date a Teen Mom star, but Lowry wasn't exactly the one he wanted to go for.

"Kailyn's face breaks my TV," Matt previously wrote on Twitter in 2014, adding, "The worst thing that ever happened to high definition is Kailyn's face #DAMN."

It is clear that he watched Teen Mom, as he knew all about Jenelle Evans' parenting troubles. Baier slammed Kailyn's face, hinting that it was just as good as Evans' parenting. Back in 2014, Evans was going through a rough time, as she was battling a heroin addiction and trying to stay clean.

"Jenelle Evans is a good mom like Kailyn is looking good," he later added on Twitter, saying that the cameras must add 110 pounds because Lowry's head is "the size of the snoopy balloon at the Macys parade."

This was also around the time that Lowry had cheated on her boyfriend with her ex, Jo Rivera. And of course, Matt Baier was quick to slam her. "What was the topic of Kailyn's book?" Matt Baier also wrote on Twitter, adding, "How to bang ugly dudes, cheat in a shower and have my face always look like I'm allergic to shellfish?"

It is very interesting that Matt was so aggressive with Kailyn on Twitter, considering Lowry and Amber are actually food friends. And this news is also interesting because earlier this week it was revealed that Baier had actually tried to hook up with Farrah Abraham. Tweets were released by Radar Online that showed him trying to hook up with Farrah. He wanted to take her out on a date. When she ignored him, he moved on to Amber Portwood, and now Matt Baier is filming Teen Mom with the star.

"I think they should do a teen mom beauty pageant. Although Farrah Abraham would win in a landslide #teenmom," he tweeted to Farrah back in 2014, according to Radar Online, adding, "Farrah forget online dating. I'd be honored to take u out."

He later wrote, "Farrah Abraham thanks for the follow. I'm a big fan and u r very beautiful."

It is possible that Matt reached out to these Teen Mom stars to see how he could get on the show. He may have planned to get on the show, but thought that he could get away with these tweets. It was just weeks ago that Gary Shirley revealed that Matt was hiding quite the secret -- he had seven children with various women. The 44-year-old was furious with Gary's findings, as he had only told Amber that he had two children.

What do you think of Matt Baier's tweets? Do you think he reached out to the Teen Mom stars with the goal of getting on the show in one way or another?

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