February 23, 2016
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Chaos Erupts And Lives Hang In The Balance As The Gun Delivery Falls Apart

Viewers will not want to miss Tuesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that there is about to be mayhem throughout Port Charles, and lives will be hanging in the balance. What can viewers expect from the February 23 show?

The last that viewers saw, Julian and Alexis were beginning to exchange their vows while Morgan was threatening Dixon down at the docks. General Hospital spoilers tease that things are about to get explosive, and this next episode will be jam-packed with action.

According to We Love Soaps, Carly will be freaking out in this one, surely over the fact that Morgan has Sonny's gun and it was determined that he had headed to the docks where the gun delivery was taking place. The General Hospital spoilers preview for this next show teases that Dante will be making a call and noting that shots have been fired at the pier. Will anyone be injured?

Though viewers will have to tune in to see for certain, the buzz is that Kiki likely is accidentally shot as Morgan confronts Dixon and his team. She has been worried about Morgan, and when she realized he was planning to intervene with the delivery, her concern escalated. General Hospital spoiler previews show Ava noting that Kiki is still missing from the wedding as things are getting ugly on the pier.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry, details, there are signs pointing toward Kiki being injured as the confrontation at the pier plays out. In addition, it sounds as if Carly may be the one to find her or be in the position to break the news to Ava. Unfortunately, Kiki isn't the only one in a precarious situation during Tuesday's show. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Raj will shove Lulu into the water as he clears out, and it seems she is still bound and gagged.

Will Dante be the one to save Lulu? Fans are betting that is where this is headed, a move that would surely further facilitate a reconciliation between the two. Though Alexis and Julian are in the midst of their wedding as this episode begins, General Hospital spoilers detail that the dock chaos spills over to the church. Dixon will bust in, shooting into the air, instigating mayhem in the church.

While Dixon may head to the church to find Ava, General Hospital spoilers tease that he will zero in on Sonny once he is there. Viewers will see Sonny with a gun to his head, and it seems Nathan will try to intervene and take control of the situation.

Unfortunately, as viewers saw on Monday's show, Maxie had convinced him to leave his gun at the station. Will this decision lead to a life-threatening turn of events for him? There are General Hospital spoilers floating around that Nathan may end up injured in the midst of this debacle, but fans will have to stay tuned to see how bad the situation becomes.

Virtually nobody is aware that Sonny has been making progress in being able to stand again, and General Hospital spoilers tease that he will shock everybody quite soon by standing in the midst of Dixon's reign of terror. It sounds as if he may manage to take Dixon down as someone else distracts him, but that likely plays out on Wednesday's show.

As the week continues there will be many throughout Port Charles worrying about injured loved ones and Morgan is said to hit rock bottom. His bad choices laid the groundwork for much of this chaos, and it sounds as if he will take it quite hard. More General Hospital spoilers will become available as the week continues, and viewers cannot wait to see how this all comes together.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]