February 24, 2016
Kalli Medina-Brown: Woman Found Dead In Las Vegas Hotel Laundry Chute

Kalli Medina-Brown was found dead in a laundry chute at a Las Vegas hotel where she and her husband were staying with friends while celebrating her 27th birthday. Brown, a native of Citrus Heights, California, was found unresponsive around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Before fire departments paramedics could arrive about 10 minutes later, the young woman was dead.

Las Vegas police representatives have stated that Kalli Medina-Brown may have had a medical episode of some type and fell down the laundry chute. Although the legal secretary's death may have been from natural causes or accidental, police officers are still investigating the death due to what could be "suspicious" circumstances surrounding the California woman's demise.

The death reportedly occurred at the D Las Vegas hotel. A representative for the lodging facility said the hotel-casino is "saddened" by the "unfortunate incident" that took place on the premises. The spokesperson also noted that they cannot offer any further comment on the matter due to the nature of the ongoing investigation, but did state that staff is fully cooperating with police investigators. The D Hotel is in the downtown area and boasts 639 rooms on 34 floors.

The Las Vegas coroner's report has not yet been released. Kelli Medina-Brown worked for a firm that specializes in family land and previously studied anthropology at California State University, the Daily Mail reports. She also had attended Sierra College with her 29-year-old husband, Weslee Brown. The spouse of the deceased worked as a software engineer. The couple had no children and lived in Sacramento County with their dog.

A childhood friend of Kelli Medina-Brown was supposed to join the group on the excursion to Las Vegas, but had to cancel at the last minute. Sierra Roraback talked to CBS about her friend and the last conversation they shared before the highly anticipated vacation was about to begin.
"There has to be justice. In order to have closure on the situation and sleep a little better or something—we have to figure out who did this, we have to figure out what happened. I told her I hope you have a great time. I hope you enjoy yourself, be safe; I can't wait to see you when you get back. We were family. I don't have a lot of friends, and she's one of my best friends. It's just really hard."
Carly Worrell, also a friend of the deceased, said Medina-Brown was always very mature and calm, and was never one to act wild.

"She was the responsible one," Worrell added. "I just ask God that she didn't hurt. That she wasn't scared. Or she didn't feel alone or helpless."

Weslee Brown has not yet commented publicly about the death of his wife, Kelli Medina-Brown. There has been no statement made by the police to indicate that he is a suspect in the death. Homicide detectives will reportedly continued to investigate the case of the woman found dead in a Las Vegas hotel laundry chute until facts emerge to indicate that foul play was not involved.

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