Phaedra Parks Talks Love, Relationships, And Kenya Moore’s Apology

Phaedra Parks has been filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a single mother for two seasons now, and she’s learning how to balance motherhood with her busy career. And while Phaedra was keeping her distance from the drama once Apollo Nida turned himself in, she’s back on the show in full force. On the trip to Jamaica, Phaedra was the one who started the conversation about Christopher Morgan possibly being gay. But Kenya was the one to get blamed for it, and she issued an apology for all the drama as the trip was wrapping up. According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now revealing that she’s not really sure that the apology actually meant anything.

“No, but that is not my story to tell. Time will tell whether or not the apology was sincere. Actions always speak louder than words,” Phaedra Parks revealed after being asked if she believed Kenya’s apology to Kim Fields.

Of course, Moore was apologizing for the drama, including acting out when Cynthia Bailey chose Kim over Kenya to produce her eyewear commercial. Cynthia made the decision based on how present and active the ladies were, and Kenya skipped the initial brainstorming meeting. And while Bailey took it very seriously, Moore broke down in tears during her apology. But it sounds like Phaedra Parks doesn’t think it is honest and sincere.

On the other hand, Parks seems very happy when it comes to love — the love of her co-star. Sheree Whitfield surprised everyone when she decided to bring Bob Whitfield with her on the couple’s trip. Over the last few years, the two have battled it out in court over child support, and Phaedra Parks even represented Sheree in court a few years back. Despite this, Parks is thrilled about them making up and working things out.

“I’ve known Sheree and Bob for years. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for both of them. Bob is super smart and extremely witty. Sheree is a great mother and a tough cookie! I’ve always felt that the true measure of a man is not based on the mistakes he has made, but how he evolves from those mistakes and becomes a better person. Bob seems to genuinely care about Sheree and is working on bettering himself for the sake of a possible future together. It’s very easy to throw the past in someone’s face, but I think it is more important for people to work towards the future. Everybody knows that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” Phaedra reveals about their relationship.

Despite their ups and downs, they are working things out. But this may not be something that Phaedra will apply to her own marriage. Parks has filed for divorce from Apollo Nida, and she recently told Andy Cohen that she expects the divorce to be final within the next month or two. As for Apollo, he is still in prison, where he will be for at least another 5 years. One of the big storylines for Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been whether to visit Apollo in prison with their boys. This is something that will happen next week on the show.

“For my own mental sanity, I tried to recognize where she was coming from, but I never agreed on the fact that I didn’t want to see my children. I never agreed to that,” he has previously said about Phaedra Parks, according to Daily Mail, adding, “I still want to see them, regardless of where I’m at, and I still want to find a common ground on how to parent them.”

What do you think of Phaedra Parks’ comments about love, relationships, and Kenya Moore’s apology?

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