February 23, 2016
Does Lisa Vanderpump Think Jax Taylor Has Changed After His Arrest?

Lisa Vanderpump has a few things to say about Jax Taylor this week after watching Vanderpump Rules. Apparently, Lisa isn't really pleased with the way Jax treated his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. It is no secret that Taylor was footing the bill for her breast implants, and he wanted her to go bigger than they had originally planned. He also sat down with his friend Peter to talk about whether he could truly change his bad behavior. According to a new report, Lisa Vanderpump is now sharing her thoughts about whether she thinks Taylor can grow up.

While Vanderpump may have fully supported Jax's decision to pay for Brittany's surgery, it sounds like Lisa doesn't quite get the conversations they had prior to the surgery. Vanderpump admits that she wouldn't be persuaded by his comments about bigger breasts.

"Call me old fashioned, but I don't think that it's really appropriate to actually acknowledge the fact that you've even been aware of your best friend's girlfriend's tits. I mean, how does Brittany feel having parts of Peter's girlfriend installed on her body?" Lisa Vanderpump reveals after watching Monday's episode of Pump Rules.

But it sounds like Lisa actually thinks the problem with her employee is much deeper. Over the past couple of years, he has been accused of stirring the pot, and Lisa spotted him doing it again on this week's episode. He likes to take a problem and then present it in his own words, creating some drama. As Vanderpump points out, he could have simply said that negative things were said to Kristen, not rephrase what was said to cause trouble.

"You see, there goes Jax creating a problem. Jax didn't need to actually tell Kristen verbatim what they'd said, he could have just said that there was some negativity. But Jax likes to stir the pot," Lisa Vanderpump points out, adding, "I think Jax is actually showing his hand right now and he's got definitely some valid fears that, maybe, who knows where this case could go? Will he be locked up? I think he's worried."

It is very interesting that Lisa Vanderpump actually thinks that Taylor has some valid fears, especially in regards to his life and decisions. She also points out that, at this time, the case of the stolen sunglasses wasn't settled. He was very stressed. He ended up getting a year probation and a few fines, so he got a good sentence.

But fans did get to see his bad side on this week's episode, one Lisa Vanderpump may not be proud of. According to the Daily Mail, he kept pushing Brittany to get bigger breasts, and he wanted her to get D cups, not the C cups she wanted. He kept pointing out that he was paying for them and that her breast size was just as important to him as they were to her, which was selfish and vain.

And maybe Vanderpump is picking up a pattern here, as she didn't have positive things to say about Stassi Schroeder either. Of course, Taylor and Stassi used to date, and while they seemed very different at the time, they may not be so different after all. Lisa Vanderpump is now revealing that she's actually surprised at how much Stassi is pursuing the friendship with Katie Maloney.

"Stassi seems kind of obsessed now with making sure that Katie lets her back into her life. It's not just back into her life, Stassi wants back into this whole group," Lisa Vanderpump reveals in her blog, according to Bravo.

Schroeder really wants to make peace with Katie, as she is the only person who hasn't given her a chance since her return. It is no secret that she feels bad about what happened, but Lisa may not think that she has changed at all.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump's comments about Jax? Do you think he could change his behavior despite being 36?

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