February 23, 2016
'Arrow' Star Charlotte Ross Claims No One Knows Who Is In The Grave, Plus Get Your First Look At The Arrival Of Vixen

Ever since fans witnessed the flash-forward scene in the Season 4 premiere of Arrow, fans have been more than curious about who will be lowered into the ground at the end of the season. Now, it appears that it's not only fans but the stars of the show who are going crazy about who might be in the grave.

In a recent interview with Zap2It, Charlotte Ross (Donna Smoak) was asked for any feedback about the theory that it's her character Donna that meets her fate at the end of the season.

"I know! I've seen a few cliffhangers over the years, and I have to say, I've never been to a set where everyone's like, 'Do you know who it is?' Even the transportation guys. To think that we, as cast members and crew members, are having these conversations where we're all scared and we're all wondering who it is means that they're doing a really good job. One day I'm like, 'Oh no, it couldn't be Donna,' and the next I'm like, 'Oh no, of course, it's Donna!' Because Emily looked so upset in that limo and she loves me so much it must be me."

Ross continued, "I'm just as confused and scared as anyone else, so they've done a good job with that. We really don't know, and it's a dialogue we have on set every day. Anyone who's pretending they're safe is lying. Everyone is scared and wondering what's going on."

Oliver and Barry in the flash-forward. [Image via The CW]
Oliver and Barry in the flash-forward. [Image via The CW]

With last week's episode, "Code of Silence," MTV News reports that the relationship between Captain Lance and Donna could be hitting a rough patch, with Lance thinking her life is safer away from him. While that doesn't fly with Donna, Arrow could possibly be setting things up for Donna to be the one in the grave. She has been in more and more scenes, and her character has blossomed over the past season, meaning fans could get more attached just in time to see her leave the show.

However, despite Charlotte Ross's claim that nobody knows who's in the grave, Stephen Amell and David Ramsey both recently revealed that they do, in fact, know who is in the grave, reports Hidden Remote.

David Ramsey [Image via The CW]
David Ramsey [Image via The CW]

In a Q&A with Ramsey (John Diggle), Hidden Remote says that while Ramsey kept up an amazing poker face, he did reveal that he had just found out who is in the grave, but he didn't reveal any spoilers.

He said, "Man... it's sad. You're all going to be so sad."

We already know that, Diggle!

However, a fan did try to deceive Ramsey into giving some hints during the Q&A by asking how much longer Ramsey will be a part of the show.

"How much longer? That's a trick question! When people die on Arrow, they don't really die. The Lazarus Pit is gone, but when you have someone that can travel in time like Flash and Supergirl...anything is possible. But how much longer? I can't tell you."

So, while everyone is still in the dark about the whole grave scene, in the meantime, an upcoming new character should keep fans minds occupied.

According to Movie Pilot, Arrow's promo for its 15th episode dubbed "Taken" reveals Vixen will make her first appearance and possibly join Team Arrow.

Vixen will be portrayed by actress Megalyn Echikunwoke, and while this will mark the first time she has played the character on-screen, the actress previously voiced the wild-woman in the animated six-episode Vixen web series last year.

Vixen [Image via The CW]
Vixen [Image via The CW]

Screen Rant reports that the character Mari McCabe becomes Vixen through the necklace she inherited from her unknown parents. The necklace, called the Tantu Totem, gives Vixen the ability to draw upon the abilities of animals, giving her whatever strength, speed, and agility she needs.

With Vixen being added to an already thrilling season of Arrow, everything seems to be heading towards an epic season finale.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Tell us! Who do you think is dead in the grave in the flash-forward? Let us know in the comments, and check out the preview for the next all-new episode of Arrow below.

[Image via The CW]