'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Headed For Divorce? Admits Her Marriage Has Been Damaged By Peter Thomas' Assault Case

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey's relationship with her husband, Peter Thomas, has gone through a number of difficult times over the years. Although the two worked through their latest rounds of heartache, Thomas' trouble with the law is putting additional strain on their marriage. In light of the charges against him, are Bailey and Thomas headed for a split?

According to Radar Online, Thomas has been charged with assaulting a customer in his bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, called Sports One. Apparently, the man, one Brandon Patrick Link, was sent to the hospital after Thomas allegedly fought him. However, the police who responded to the call did not file any charges against Thomas.

Thomas, meanwhile, reported that Link was actually drunk on the night in question. Consequently, Thomas had him thrown out of his establishment. In the process, Link slipped on some ice and injured himself.

Cynthia Bailey has often been an open book when it comes to problems in her marriage. [Image via Bravo]
Cynthia Bailey has often been an open book when it comes to problems in her marriage. [Image via Bravo]

Following the reports against her husband, Bailey recently sat down with OK! Magazine and discussed the charges. For starters, Bailey admitted that the entire situation is frustrating because her husband has to jump through a lot of hoops in order to see his name cleared.

"It's an unfortunate situation," Bailey stated. "Now even though he's innocent, he still has to go through the process of going to court or whatever. It's still just less time that he can focus on work and focus on me because now he's got to deal with that situation."

Cynthia Bailey went on to describe what she thinks went down between her husband and Link. Specifically, Bailey stated that fans sometimes go a little too far in their desire to make a connection with celebrities. Link pushed these lines to the limit and made things uncomfortable for Thomas, who was just trying to be a welcoming host.

"Charlotte's been great to Peter and to Sports One," she stated. "We have amazing customers that love and appreciate him being there, bringing Sports One there. And this is just one situation. Otherwise, there are no incidences."

Apart from the recent issues with the law, Bailey's marriage with Thomas has been difficult over the past year. Although the pair have remained together, their long-distance relationship has made things particularly hard for the couple.

"Peter and I are doing okay," Bailey continued. "He spends really most of his time in Charlotte at Sports One. I am between Atlanta, New York and LA. It's not easy because we are really in a long distance relationship."

Bailey revealed that on their best times, she only sees Thomas for around five days over the course of a month. However, she remained confident that her marriage will make it through the rough times ahead.

Cynthia and former bestie NeNe Leakes are also trying to fix their relationship this season on 'RHOA.' [Image via Bravo]
Cynthia and former bestie NeNe Leakes are also trying to fix their relationship this season on 'RHOA.' [Image via Bravo]

"Again, when you are married, you do have to make certain sacrifices, especially when you are both entrepreneurs and we've both been successful," she said. "We want to remain successful, so we are on our grind right now. So we have a little less time to actually grind [on] each other if you know what I mean."

According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple first had troubles after Thomas was spotted getting close and personal with a different woman. This news proved difficult for the pair to work through, although it now appears that the distance between them has been the harder challenge as of late.

Whether or not Bailey and Thomas remain together is yet to be seen. Certainly, the added strain of the assault charges doesn't bode well for the couple.

"Marriage is hard," Bailey concluded. "It's definitely not the ideal situation to be in. It's kind of nice—no matter how busy you are—to sleep in the same bed at night."

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[Image via Bravo]