'Dance Moms' Season 6 Spoilers: Moms Want Abby Lee Miller Out, Melissa Gisoni Takes Maddie Ziegler To Another Studio

If it were up to the moms, Abby Lee Miller's days in Dance Moms Season 6 would have long been numbered. Spoilers for the upcoming episode of the Lifetime reality series revealed that Melissa Gisoni, Jill Vertes, Jessalyn Siwa, and Holly Frazier are starting to doubt the ALDC coach's capabilities.

Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 8 sees the return of Maddie Ziegler to the ALDC. The 13-year-old has missed a couple of trainings and competitions due to her busy schedule filming for Colin Trevorrow's The Book of Henry. By the looks of it, Ziegler was not yet ready to return to the studio.

In the sneak peek video, Abby was seen giving Maddie a hard time. She later pointed out that Ziegler's routine should have been better than ever, but instead it looks like she was just rushing through her entire performance.
"You listen and think with your brain. It looks like nothing."
The other moms speculated that Abby Lee Miller was just lashing at Maddie Ziegler because she was jealous of the 13-year-old's success. Apart from The Book of Tomorrow, Ziegler is set to appear in Sia's film, Sisters. With acting opportunities coming at her left and right, multiple reports confirmed that Maddie will be leaving Dance Moms after Season 6.

"Abby is seeing that Maddie is rising and she is going to squash it. I think she's jealous of her. I think she's going to try to hold her back," Jessalynn Siwa commented.


With Abby Lee Miller's ongoing bankruptcy fraud trial, the Dance Moms Season 6 stars believed that the ALDC coach is slowly losing it. They pointed out that Abby could not accept that Maddie was able to make a name for herself outside the Lifetime series. While Ziegler remained grateful towards Dance Moms, she has always been vocal in saying that she wanted to focus on acting and modeling.

"Maddie's career is taking off and Abby's is sinking down the drain," Jill Vertes commented.

Maddie Ziegler's mom Melissa Gisoni added that that there were other teachers who are interested in taking her daughters under their wing. Was this a hint that they are leaving ALDC for good?

Early February, Entertainment Tonight reported that Melissa Gissoni and her two daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, are leaving Dance Moms after Season 6. The insider revealed that Gissoni herself broke the news to their co-stars during one of their tapings.

Meanwhile, the other moms have noticed that Abby Lee Miller is slowly losing her interest in ALDC. During one of their choreography, Nia Frazier's mom, Holly, had to interfere in the routine, pointing out that it was too childish for her daughter.
"No she doesn't need to be doing a Charleston in a teen dance. That's baby-ish. Don't give me garbage. Abby that's a choreography that she started several years ago. That Charleston going back like that, that's not a mature choreography."
When Abby Lee Miller conceded and told Nia that she can leave her routine as it is, Holly got even more upset and thought that the ALDC coach is penalizing her daughter. She pointed out that if Miller really wanted to do a Charleston, she could tweak it to make it more age appropriate.

The Dance Moms Season 6 star felt that Abby does not care about the girls at all.

"She wants the girls to prove themselves but she's not giving them what they need to be successful. I feel like Abby doesn't want to be here."

In another promo for Dance Moms Season 6 Episode 8, an emotional Abby Lee Miller tried to defend herself.

"I sacrificed everything for your kids. I'm sick and tired of fighting."

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