February 23, 2016
Bring Gwen Stefani Back! Christina Aguilera Faces Backlash For Making Fun Of Blake Shelton's Love Life On 'The Voice'

One of the biggest highlights of season 9 of The Voice was the on-screen romance between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Sadly, fans will see less of their romance when season 10 hits the air. However, while Christiana Aguilera is set to replace Stefani as a judge in the new season, Stefani remains a popular subject with other cast members of the show. In fact, both Aguilera and Adam Levine recently took shots at the love birds, leaving fans wondering when they'll see Stefani back in action.

According to Movie News Guide, Shelton recently announced that Stefani will be one of his mentors this coming season. A mentor is a far cry from an official judge on the show, but at least fans will get to see the pair together at various points throughout the season.

"My mentor…I always looked for somebody that I respect. That, you know, I know that when they give their opinion, I will have no doubt….I'll agree with their take, but it'll be a different angle at the same time," Shelton stated in regard to his decision to have Stefani as a mentor.

While Shelton expressed his views on picking Stefani, Aguilera and Levine took the opportunity to poke fun at their relationship. For her part, Aguilera referenced one of Stefani's hit songs when she said: "That s**t is bananas." At the same time, Levine shared a quote from Stefani's song, "Don't Speak." "Don't speak, you've said too much," he told his fellow judge.

Apart from the heated competition amongst the contestants, last year's season of The Voice made headlines as fans tuned in to see Shelton and Stefani's romance unfold on live television. Their romance was a huge ratings boost for the series, which is probably why they wanted her back in action in some capacity for the new season.

Christina Aguilera on 'The Voice.' [Image via NBC]
Christina Aguilera on 'The Voice.' [Image via NBC]Although Levine and Aguilera made fun of Shelton (and will likely continue to do so), Parent Herald is reporting that Aguilera is on good terms with Gwen Stefani. In fact, during a recent interview, Aguilera opened up about replacing Stefani on the show and reclaiming her old seat.

"When Gwen came on, I remember telling her, I think at Zuma's birthday party, I was, like, eight months pregnant, I was just like do me one favor when you go in," she shared. "Please, give the boys hell. Break the girl curse. And it still hasn't been done yet. I know she's rooting me on too, to come try and fix that. She'll be around."

Meanwhile, despite her limited role in the new season, Shelton and Stefani's romance continues to blossom to new heights. According to Us Magazine, Shelton recently performed a concert in Detroit over the weekend. Although Stefani could not attend the event, she did manage to FaceTime Shelton during the concert.

Blake and Gwen on the set of 'The Voice' after news of their relationship broke. [Image via NBC]
Blake and Gwen on the set of 'The Voice' after news of their relationship broke. [Image via NBC]"A guy backstage tonight was next to a crew member face timing Gwen so she could watch Blake in concert!" the outlet noted.

As fans are well aware, Shelton and Stefani are not afraid of expressing their love for each other in public. In addition to the recent concert, Stefani alluded to her relationship with Shelton in her newest song, "Make Me Like You."

"I was fine before I met you / I was broken but fine / I was lost and uncertain / But my heart was mine," she sang. "I was free before I met you / I was broken but free / All alone in the clear view / But now you are all I see."
For his part, Shelton recently played one of Stefani's songs prior to taking the stage in Cincinnati. Naturally, the crowd loved it.

Tell us! Do you think that the judges will continue to make fun of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's relationship this season on The Voice? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via NBC]