February 23, 2016
Texas Mother Drives 17-Year-Old Son To Police Station To Surrender For Killing Army Sergeant Over Girlfriend – But He Commits Suicide In Parking Lot


Shortly after a mother drove her 17-year-old son to a Texas police station to surrender for killing 25-year-old army sergeant and father of five, James Ayala, her son committed suicide in the parking lot, reported CBS News. At approximately 5 a.m. on Sunday, Harris County sheriff's Sgt. Cedrick Collier stated that, as he was leaving the substation in Katy, he spotted a black car with its headlights on in the parking lot.

When he approached the vehicle to see if the "people inside needed help," a woman – whose name has been withheld – got out of the vehicle and told the officer that she had driven her son to the substation so that he could surrender. She went on to say that he had shot dead an army sergeant after learning that he was romantically involved with his girlfriend. The officer reportedly asked the teen if "it was true," and the teen responded with "yes."

After the teen reportedly admitted to shooting dead the army sergeant, he got out of the vehicle and walked towards the trunk of the car, where he pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head. The officer then drew his gun and ordered the teen to drop his weapon, but the teen fired, shooting himself in the head, according to KHOU.

The teen was immediately rushed to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The teen's friend Darian Mitchell stated that he was with him Saturday night when he received a phone call from his girlfriend, who said she was with Ayala and confessed that she was cheating on him with the army sergeant. The teen became irate, requesting that the pair meet with him to talk, but the teen had other plans.

When the pair arrived at the teen's home, an argument ensued that led the teen to withdraw a gun and open fire, killing the army sergeant. Mitchell, who was present during the shooting, added that he couldn't quite understand "why he was tripping over this one girl, but it was not worth it."

Sources say that Ayala was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mitchell also said that "When he shot him, his girlfriend started screaming and then he ran. And then he shot again, and then everyone started coming out and screaming."

After the teen allegedly shot the victim, he ran home and confessed to the shooting to his mother, who didn't hesitate to drive him to the police station so that he could surrender. However, the teen shot himself in the head in the parking lot of the police station in lieu of turning himself in.

It is unclear if the gun the teen used to shoot himself with was the same gun he had allegedly used to gun down the army sergeant.

Friends and neighbors were stunned after learning the teen had committed suicide in the parking lot of a police station after allegedly murdering the man his girlfriend was cheating on him with. It was said that the youth "sounded like he was doing good. He had a job, he was getting his car."

Before the suicide, it was reported that he had just turned his life around after getting involved with the wrong crowd. He was attending Morton Ranch High School and was on the right path. "He had everything together and now that I hear this, it's unreal, you know what I mean?" said the teen's neighbor Aaron Summerour.

Although the officer who witnessed the teen commit suicide in the parking of the police station did not fire a shot, he was placed on administrative leave to "clear his head and make sure he's okay before returning to work."

An investigation is ongoing.

[Image via Getty Images/Handout]