Harry Styles Meeting Kendall Jenner's Strict Dating Demands?

Whoah! We never thought we would see the day. Freedom-loving Harry Styles is changing to please one of his lovers?

It looks like it could be happening. All week the press has been flooded with those stories that supermodel Kendall Jenner wants One Direction lover Harry Styles to pay more attention to grooming, as reported by the Daily Mail. The rumor was so ubiquitous and so rude that Maximum Pop even scoffed that it's the rumor that stinks, not Harry!
We're not sure what stinks, Harry Styles (according to Kendall Jenner) or this rumor.
Today some new shots of Harry in London emerged. The 1D heartthrob has left LA and was spotted at Oxford, Whole Foods and hanging out with some fans on his British home turf.
But wait, there's more. It looks like Harry may be answering Kendall's grooming-related requests, because photos show that he has finally cut his hair. The famously long and raggedy locks that divided fandom and the fashion world are looking fluffier, shorter, and a lot more even in the latest pictures of superstar Harry.

Harry has also been hitting the moisturizer and deodorant very hard. Fans reported that he smelled clean and fresh and had soft hands.

Could it be that Harry is meeting Kendall over there?

The Mirror reports that Kendall is in London too and was photographed stopping in at Burger King after partying with singer and Louis Tomlinson's possible fellow X Factor judge Rita Ora.

The state of Harry and Kendall's relationship is the subject of much mystery and speculation. Some outlets report that the two were never really dating, others say they broke up after Harry two-timed Kendall with London stylist Pandora Lennard. A third group suggest that Harry and Kendall are still seeing each other but they are at odds over the commitment level of their relationship and/or Harry's grooming habits.

Just today The Sun speculated about whether the two could be on. Kendall has asked "her on/off boyfriend" Harry to use more deodorant, according to the publication.

Whatever the reason for Harry's trip to London, and whatever the status of "Hendall," it's nice to see Harry slowly inching back to his fetus-era mop of curls.

If Kendall and Harry are indeed "on" at the moment, they may be able to share real estate over in the UK. At the height of 2016 "Hendall" (some publications dubbed it "Hendall 2.0" due to the fact that Kendall and Harry first dated briefly back in 2013) there was talk about Harry and Kendall staying in each other's apartments as they jet back and forth between LA and London, according to Hollywood Life.

"They've decided to take things to the next level. Harry is going to move into Kendall's LA condo. They'll also be sharing his London flat when they're in the U.K....They have so much in common — especially since they were both thrown into the spotlight at such a young age. They're perfect for each other."
The report stated that "[now that] that the 21-year-old singer is on an 18-month hiatus from One Direction, he's going to be spending plenty of time in Los Angeles working on solo projects, so he'll need a place to stay. Well, look no further than the supermodel's condo which is where he's ready to move in!"

Could Harry Styles be keeping his hair trimmed, hands moisturized and armpits extra fresh because "ice queen" Kendall Jenner is currently sharing his bed at his London flat?

"She's a real ice queen. She has a set of rules and requirements that scares most of [her dates] away. [Dates] have to submit photos of what they want to wear for approval before the date... They can't touch her, her drink or her food...They have to sign confidentiality agreements and be pre-checked and patted down by security before they go anywhere near her."
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)