Kesha Vs. Dr. Luke: What Happened To ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty?’

Rape is a serious problem. It is also a serious accusation. It all started in October of 2014, when Billboard reported on Kesha’s allegations against record producer, Dr. Luke.

“The singer says her producer manipulated her career and she’s seeking to free herself from record and publishing contracts…The most incendiary allegations revolve around sexual abuse — specifically, how Dr. Luke allegedly forced her to snort illegal drugs and gave her ‘sober pills,’ which Kesha says were really a form of gamma-hydroxybutyrate, more commonly known as the date rape drug.”

Since the day the allegations came out, people put the red X mark on Dr. Luke. It didn’t matter if there were holes in Kesha’s case; all that mattered is that he is a man, and she is a woman, therefore, he must be guilty. However, after several hearings, a judge decided that Kesha cannot escape her recording contract with Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke Rape Dr. Luke has been presumed guilty without any significant proof yet. [Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images]There have been some who suspect that Kesha made up the rape story to get out of her contract. She was becoming a has-been, and according to those who didn’t believe her, she was desperate. The doubters may be just as misguided as Kesha’s supporters.

On Monday, Dr, Luke sent out a series of tweets to proclaim his innocence. This is the first time he has publicly addressed the issue.


There are still many who think Dr. Luke is guilty. Several celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato have publicly supported Kesha. Taylor Swift has even donated $250,000 to the cause. Billboard wonders if the backlash from celebrities will force Sony to settle the case. They quote James Sammataro, a music attorney.

“Everything has a price tag. There is probably a number in which Sony – particularly if it’s sensitive to the potential backlash of growing support for Kesha on social media – would strongly consider releasing Kesha.”

Billboard adds that even if Dr. Luke wins the legal battle, his career has already been damaged. He’s already been tried in the court of public opinion.

Does anybody remember the Duke Lacrosse rape scandal, where three young white men were accused of raping an African-American stripper? These young men were figuratively lynched by the public, just before the case completely fell apart to reveal it was a hoax.

Does anybody remember Rolling Stone’s “A Rape on Campus” story, which also ended up being misreported and forced longtime editor, Will Dana, to resign? Yes, these cases aren’t exactly the same as Kesha’s, but they do remind us of the consequences of automatically presuming guilt.

The case with Dr. Luke and Kesha is not over yet. We will hear more information from both sides. Until then, can we please stop pretending we are legal experts? Dr. Luke is far from perfect, but Kesha may not be a complete angel herself. Let’s wait and see.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]