February 23, 2016
Rihanna Exposes Her Body, Rolls One, And Grinds All Over Drake In New 'Work' Music Video

American singer and songwriter Rihanna has released a new raunchy music video that revealed more skin than usual, even for the daring songstress.

The 28-year-old hit maker features rapper Drake in her new video entitled "Work."

Rihanna donned two very sexy outfits in the video. She began the video with a furry pink coat then replaced it with a plunging net dress made of yellow, red, and green mesh.

She also wears a bikini top matched with high slit skirt that reveals her underwear and gold chains. The material of the dress was entirely see-through, and showcased the outline of her sexy physique.

Her outfit was accessorized with metallic gold sandals, an orange necklace with a medallion, and a multitude of bracelets and diamond rings.

As if that were not enough to show her sexy figure, Rihanna changed to another outfit – a sheer pink-colored tank top that completely revealed her breasts and nipples. The back of the top was also open, and a high-waist denim skirt completed the outfit.

The skirt was completely ripped, which accentuated the singer's legs. Again, necklaces completed her sensual outfit.

According to a report by The Guardian, the music video was originally eight minutes long. However, instead of extending the song to cover the remaining scenes of the video, Rihanna and the producers decided to split the music video in half. Each half of the video runs Rihanna's "Work," which is the carrier single of her latest album Anti.

Despite the sexual and provocative content of the two versions of the music video, critics have panned both of them as dull and boring.

The first video features Rihanna and some people in a bar named Real Jerk. She is then seen dancing in front of a mirror, not minding everything and everyone around her. In one scene in the video, Rihanna is seen rolling a joint while at the bar.

While Real Jerk may not be a popular name for a bar, there is actually one that exists in Toronto, in Canada. The real Real Jerk has reportedly become a popular landmark in the city over the last 30 years.

The next scene shows the "S&M" singer dancing against Drake, who initially seems uninterested with what Rihanna is doing. He is wearing simple tracksuit pants, which do not seem to be fitting for the sexually-charged scene, but we'll take it anyway. The first video was a film by "Director X."Meanwhile, the second video begins with Rihanna and Drake in another room, and this time, it seems the two are getting some quality time together. The second video, which was directed by Tim Erem, is set in a dimly-lit room where the two are seen humping and dancing against each other.

Canada-born rapper enjoys Rihanna's company in a simple grey hoodie. The two music artists can also be seen doing some funny-looking dance moves, but it appears that they're enjoying themselves and are oblivious to their surroundings.

Check Out the Full Music Video for "Work'" by Rihanna

A separate report argues that the two videos are connected: The first one features the two meeting in the club, and the second clip shows the possible events that may have taken place.

In both videos, Rihanna and Drake just go through the motions of singing the song, catching the camera's focus every time it was their turn to sing or rap.

Rihanna is definitely among the hottest American music artists today, but it seems like what she did in her "Work" music video may have contained some unnecessary elements. Let's see if Rihanna's new single debuts high on the charts.

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]