February 23, 2016
'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 11: Queen Of Spades A Sign Of Bad Luck In 'Knots Untie'?

The Walking Dead season 6, episode 11 is titled "Knots Untie." The way it is worded, it sounds more like a command rather than an episode title. Last Sunday on TWD, Jesus from The Walking Dead comic books was introduced on the AMC zombie series. Tom Payne's character, Jesus Rovio, arrived in a dramatic, interesting, and amusing way.

Every single time Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon thought they had the upper hand, Jesus proved them wrong in sneaky ways. Honestly, Jesus is like a ninja-magician hybrid on steroids with a hefty dose of superpowers. So, what can TWD fans expect from Rick, Daryl, Jesus, and the rest of the characters on The Walking Dead season 6, episode 11?

The synopsis for the upcoming episode has been released. There is also a promo, as well as two sneak peek clips for the next episode of The Walking Dead. In one, the Queen of Spades may be a sign of bad luck.

Spoiler TV published The Walking Dead season 6, episode 11 synopsis. Next Sunday, expect Rick to realize that Alexandria isn't as safe as he thought. Due to this revelation, the group will have to make some decisions. The episode description doesn't say much, but the promo and sneak peek clips show a lot more is going to happen in "Knots Untie."

The promo for the next episode of The Walking Dead starts off with Jesus looking at a painting in Rick's house. Pay attention to the object on the canvas. It is the Queen of Spades. Normally, this wouldn't imply anything. However, Jesus takes the painting down, looks at it and shakes his head. Cards tend to have several different meanings, both good and bad. However, when playing the card game Hearts, the Queen of Spades is typically viewed as an unlucky card. Could Jesus be thinking what a coincidence that Rick would have an unlucky card hanging in his home? Is it a sign that some bad things are coming for Rick's group?

The next scene in The Walking Dead season 6, episode 11 promo is Carl coming up behind Jesus with a gun pointed at his head. Jesus looks up from the Queen of Spades painting, but he doesn't seem surprised. Sitting down with Rick, Glenn, Abraham and Carl, Jesus says they got off to a bad start. With a little smile, he tells Rick's group that their world is about to get a lot bigger. It looks like they are going to take a road trip. However, Daryl Dixon is keeping his eyes open and warns Rick that something isn't right. Due to their experiences with the Governor, Terminus and the Claimers, they should know to expect the worst.
At the end of the promo for The Walking Dead, Rick points a gun at Jesus and says any plans for a trade will not end well. Who does Rick think Jesus was planning to trade? Some fans of The Walking Dead are speculating that Jesus could be taking Daryl Dixon's place. In the TWD comic books, Jesus actually helps Rick defeat Negan. However, things are often changed from the comic books to The Walking Dead TV series, so anything could happen.

A sneak peek for The Walking Dead season 6, episode 11 isn't as dramatic as the promo clip. It features Sasha and Abraham, who seem to be flirting. Sasha tells Abraham that she is switching shifts and will be moving to the watchtower. It turns out that Eugene is finally going to step up and help more by patrolling with Abraham.

The second sneak peek clip for The Walking Dead features Glenn and Maggie. Out tending to the crops at night, it seems that Alexandria is making some progress with their crops. However, Maggie does mention food rationing, so limited supplies must still be an issue. Suddenly, there is a noise. Glenn and Maggie turn around to see two figures darting through the streets of Alexandria. It is difficult to tell who it is, but one must be Jesus. Another character from The Walking Dead is probably chasing after him.

Actor Tom Payne spoke to E! Online about Jesus on The Walking Dead. The actor mentioned that Jesus comes to Alexandria and "introduces a whole new thing." Some predict that he is talking about Negan and the Saviors. As for if Jesus is good or bad, Payne said something interesting.

"I enjoyed [being] on 'Talking Dead' last night, they did the poll of 'Do you trust Jesus?' and it was overwhelmingly no," Tom Payne told E! Online. "I thought, 'Oh, that's interesting.' People who read the comic books would know that he's a certain type of person, but maybe not on the TV show, you know?"
Even though Payne did not say if Jesus was good or bad, he seemed surprised that fans don't trust him after the last episode of The Walking Dead. Since he sounded shocked by the poll results, could this mean that Jesus really is a good guy? If so, why did he give Rick and Daryl such a hard time last week on The Walking Dead? What is his plan, does it involve Negan and the Saviors and if will help Rick defeat the villain, why not be straight up? Why all the secrecy and games? Why is he spending so much time poking around Alexandria before showing up unannounced in Rick and Michone's bedroom?

What do you think Jesus Rovio's storyline will be in The Walking Dead? Will it mimic the comic books or will TWD fans be surprised?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]