February 23, 2016
'Gilmore Girls' Characters, What Have They Been Up To?

The sounds of Carole King are increasing in the background, and fans are wondering what has been going on in the lives of the residents of Star Hollow since we lasted visited with them; especially the Gilmore Girls themselves, Lorelai and Rory. It seems that everyone is coming back with the exception of Melissa McCarthy's character of Sookie, and Richard Gilmore, as the actor who played him has passed away.

Gilmore Girls will be reconstituted on #Netflix and will bring fans up to speed on where the folks in Stars Hollow are going now, and what they are doing with their lives, according to the Inquisitr. The plan is to have four 90-minute episodes of Gilmore Girls to finally tie up loose ends and bring back Amy Sherman-Palladino to write the real final chapter of Gilmore Girls to the satisfaction of fans everywhere.

Vanity Fair is reporting that the Gilmores have been very busy since the Gilmore Girls series ended eight years ago. Lorelai Gilmore still owns the Dragonfly Inn with her friend, Sookie, and she is still with Luke, who owns the diner in Stars Hollow. Daughter Rory is a reporter who was following the Obama campaign when fans saw her last. She is still with her boyfriend, Logan, and when the series picks back up, she is going home because she hears that her grandpa, Richard Gilmore, passed away.

Lane, Zak, Michel, Paris, Jess, Dean, and Miss Patty? They will all be coming back to be in the world of Gilmore once again, although they have all gone on to have stellar careers outside of Stars Hollow and post-Gilmore Girls. Fans have wondered if life went on for the crew, and finally, the series will pick back up.

Bustle says that Gilmore Girls will also see what's up for Luke's daughter April, and her mother, Anna Nardini, all back on Netflix for the new series. April Nardini, played by Vanessa Marana, knows that Gilmore Girls fans were not happy that April will be a factor in the new Gilmore Girls, but she promises that April will no longer keep Luke and Lorelai apart. She said all was over and forgiven, and April wants the couple to be part of her family.

"There's no drama that April is at the center of in this revival, which is so nice. She's just kind of there, being a part of the family, which is awesome."

And April believes that cousin Jess and Rory need to get back together, and it is time for Logan to say goodbye.

"I think that they offered each other things that no other couple, for Rory, on the show, has really offered."

She also says that April is truly Luke's daughter and likely the one who will take over the family diner.

Gilmore News is sharing glimpses of the set and clues to the new story lines for Gilmore Girls. The Twitter account, Under the Floorboards, is sharing leaked photos of the new sets around Stars Hollow, including glimpses of an old folks home, the antique shop, and the home of Paris Gellar?

Also, Carole King's music shop and the Playhouse, where it's hinted that Lane is still involved in theater and music. Lane and Zak's band, minus Sebastian Bach, are also returning. It seems the whole gang has just been living their lives, waiting for fans to drop back in and say hello.

Who are you most excited to see on Gilmore Girls? What do you hope has happened?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]