‘RHOA’ Gay Rumors About Kim Fields’ Husband Prompts Kenya Moore’s Assistant Brandon Deshazer To Blast Reality TV For ‘Black Gay Friend’ Stereotype?

There has been a lot of drama surrounding Kenya Moore’s recent revelation on Real Housewives of Atlanta that Kim Fields’ husband Christopher Morgan is called “Chrissy” in the industry. This led to Phaedra Moore, and a few other members of RHOA cast, having a laugh at Kim Fields at her husband’s expense as they discussed rumors that Morgan may be gay. Now, Kenya’s assistant Brendan Deshazer is speaking out on how gay Black men have been portrayed in reality TV as the “gay Black friend.”

Although Deshazer didn’t call Kenya Moore out by name, he did speak on a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta about a situation that she was heavily involved in. After reading Deshazer’s recent Facebook rant, one can’t help but wonder what is that status of their relationship right now. After all, it was Kenya who got the group talking about Kim Fields’ husband and the possibility that he might be gay. Kenya first told the group about his nickname of “Chrissy.” Then, Phaedra agreed, calling Fields’ husband “zesty,” and then said that he had a “fire in his pants.” From there, the rest of the RHOA cast that was present — with the exception of Cynthia — discussed whether or not they thought Kim Fields’ husband might actually be gay. Never mind the fact that Christopher and Kim are happily married and have been for years, have kids together, and are seemingly religious.

The whole segment that called out Christopher Morgan’s sexuality has been the topic of debate lately, and Madame Noire recently weighed in. Fans have been squaring off about whether the discussion on Real Housewives of Atlanta was heinous or if the housewives were just having a good laugh, even though it was at their co-star’s expense. Then again, that’s what the Bravo hit is good for as the RHOA cast often stabs each other in the back as if it all isn’t going to play out in the episodes in months to come.

Brandon Deshazer is highly offended after watching Kenya Moore and her group of frenemies sit around and discuss Christopher Morgan last Sunday. The following day, Brandon wrote on Facebook, “As I watched television last night, I caught a scene with a group of affluent black women sitting around discussing the sexuality of a black man who was not present.”

Deshazer went on to discuss the specifics of the recent RHOA scene and how he perceived the “shade” thrown by Kenya, Phaedra and others. “How It starts out with heavy insinuation, with words like “delicate” (cut to talking head with a smirk), then “sassy” (another smirk),” Deshazer wrote. “Then tap dancing = gay (another smirk) then we get into rumors from around town. FUNNY RIGHT…its just ‘shade.'”

Brandon said that it’s not just shade and he’s right. It’s bullying, and even if the rumors had been around for years, to make those comments about Morgan and then have a good laugh was mean-spirited and rude. Check out what Deshazer had to say about the episode, and the way gay Black men are generally treated in the following video.

Kenya Moore seems to still think that Morgan might be gay, but she did make some very surprising apologies on a recent Bravo blog post. In her own blog post, Moore wrote, “I could not care less if a man married to another woman is gay or straight — that’s between two consenting adults … Many women marry their best friends who are often gay, and it works for them.” To this, one must ask Kenya why she would be discussing the sexuality of Kim Fields’ husband if she truly could not care less? Kenya could just admit that she was totally busted for being messy. Kenya’s blog post came just days after Brandon went off on Facebook about the whole scene. Could Kenya’s words have been influenced by Deshazer’s anger?

Does Brandon Deshazer have a point when he puts Real Housewives of Atlanta on blast for airing the footage of their cast essentially gay bashing and bullying one of their co-stars and her husband by letting them continue to tease about whether or not Morgan has gay tendencies? Isn’t that really a hot-button topic in the United States right now?

Brandon goes on to discuss how many reality TV shows use gay Black men like an accessory. They are often friends to affluent Black women and a great example is his numerous appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta as Kenya Moore’s assistant and friend. After telling Kenya, and pretty much everyone else, how he feels about that recent scene on RHOA, fans might not be seeing him on the hit Bravo reality show anymore. Do you think Deshazer is right to say something about the way Morgan was laughed at and talked about by his own friend, Kenya Moore, and others on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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