Amber Portwood Moved Matt Baier In Just Days After He Was Evicted From His Place

Amber Portwood has been through a lot in the last several months in regards to her relationship with Matt Baier. The two are currently engaged to be married this October, but the bad news just keeps coming. Teen Mom OG fans were introduced to Baier last season, and the reception wasn’t a warm one. Portwood has been caught off guard with more than one bombshell, and now there is more information being leaked. From his shady past to the amount of children he has, Portwood has been blindsided by Baier nearly every time she turns around.

Fans have been reaching out to Amber Portwood as the scandals happen, but it doesn’t appear she wants to talk about the issues. According to Radar Online, Amber Portwood moved Matt Baier in to her Indiana home just days after he was evicted from his apartment in Massachusetts. The publication was able to obtain court documents which stated that Baier was evicted after failure to pay rent for two months. While this is the least offensive secret, Portwood is not even phased by the news. In fact, she is constantly standing up for her boyfriend against the critics. Baier exploded on Portwood last season on Teen Mom OG, and that was really when the red flags began to fly.

Living in denial is what people are accusing Amber Portwood of doing. While she would explain it as people (including Gary Shirley) trying to ruin her happiness, there are clearly some underhanded things happening with Matt Baier. He approached Portwood online after seeing her on Teen Mom. There is a huge age gap between the two, and he is a recovering addict just like Portwood. This could be a big problem for both of them, especially if one relapses. Several people have approached Portwood to warn her about what they thought about Baier, but she has not listened.

While Matt Baier tells Amber Portwood all the right things, all of the wrong things are coming to light. When it was leaked that Baier had several children and Portwood was confronted with the evidence, she shut down. Their fight happened off camera, but Teen Mom OG did catch some of the conversation when Gary handed Portwood the papers. The lack of paying child support and the admission of how many children he has wasn’t enough to run Portwood off, but further information may be. According to Wetpaint, Amber Portwood was not Matt Baier’s first pick from Teen Mom OG. He reportedly settled for Portwood after Farrah Abraham ignored his online advances. Abraham responded to the reports but Portwood has not. It will likely not be addressed at all at this point.

Some Teen Mom OG fans are worried about Amber Portwood, especially if she goes through with the marriage to Matt Baier. With so many secrets coming out in just under two years, there is no telling what else is hiding in the shadows. Portwood has publicly defended Baier, but doesn’t comment much on the stories that are strewn across social media. Teen Mom OG already taped their reunion, so much of this will not be addressed. Fans are hoping Portwood does speak about Baier and his children, but says more than just it was a lie. While reports claim he has eight children, Portwood claims it is only five. If she did not know about the eviction and moved Baier in immediately because he made up another lie, this could be the final straw. There are so many questions viewers have for Portwood regarding why she continues to stay with Baier, but none of them seem to get answered. With less than a year until Amber Portwood marries Matt Baier, there is growing concern for the bride and the decisions she will have to make in the future.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]