Lea Michele's Split From Matthew Paetz: Was He Just An Opportunist?

Niki Cruz

Lea Michele is trying to get over her heartbreak after being dumped by longtime boyfriend Matthew Paetz. As the Inquisitr reported, Matthew Paetz decided that he had enough and dumped Lea Michele.

As stated in an earlier report, Lea Michele was completely blindsided by the split. After dating for almost two years, Paetz broke it off, and has left the Glee star heartbroken. While the Inquisitr suspected it had to do with the mounting pressure of having a public relationship, and one that was under scrutiny, that wasn't the reason Matthew decided to leave. Insiders told E! a different story.

— InstaCelebs.net (@instacelebsx) February 22, 2016

"He ended up being an opportunist who took advantage and broke up with her in a very heartless way. Her friends were always concerned with the relationship because of his past. All of those fears were validated."

— People Magazine (@people) February 22, 2016

"She was also very supportive of him even when her friends were skeptical of him because of his past. Lea wanted to believe in love and wanted to believe the good in him. She didn't think he should be punished for his past."

Although the singer's boyfriend never gave the star a reason for the split, some friends believe that it might come down to jealousy. It's said that some believe that Matthew began to resent Lea for her success and that in the end it came between the two them.

Friends also shared that the two weren't working anymore. "[He] wanted to get out of town for a bit to clear his head."

— Us Weekly (@usweekly) January 7, 2016

Of their strength as a couple, Michele said the following.

"We've stood by each other through anything that was thrown our way, and [Matt] is a such a great man that he would never really let anything like that ever crack our lovely little core that we've created. And, you know, he is also very respectful toward the person that I was with, and that, again, is something I love so much about him."

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