Jenelle Evans Says She’s Not Pleased With ‘Teen Mom’ Trailer

Jenelle Evans knew that MTV would release the new trailer of Teen Mom this week, but for the first time, Jenelle wasn’t excited about it. For other seasons, Jenelle was excited to see the upcoming trailer and watch the season back, even though she always shared fights, legal troubles, and arrests. But this year, Evans isn’t happy about the MTV trailer, because she thinks that it does send a wrong signal to viewers. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she isn’t pleased with MTV.

“Really thought Jenelle Evans got her self a good guy this time. & I already saw how he shut the door on her moms face smh,” one person wrote to Jenelle after watching the trailer. Apparently, the trailer makes David Eason look like another bad guy and it makes Jenelle’s mother look like the vicim, as David slams the door in her face. And this isn’t sitting well with Evans.

“And this is why I said I’m very unhappy with the trailer, you will see everything explained. She’s so disrespectful,” Jenelle Evans reveals, sharing that she isn’t happy about David being portrayed as another bad boyfriend. She previously wrote on Twitter, “Trailer for #TeenMom2 is coming out tomorrow, not happy about it but I guess that’s just bits and clips of every dramatic scene. As usual.”

Of course, Teen Mom fans don’t know much about David Eason. They started dating while the previous season of Teen Mom was playing out on television, and he hasn’t been filming the show until this season. In fact, this is the first time that fans will meet him. And yet, plenty of Jenelle Evans’ followers have plenty of assumptions about this new guy.

“What made you think he was a good guy? He’d just got out of jail for beating the mother of his son,” one person wrote on Twitter after Jenelle revealed that she wasn’t pleased with the trailer. It is clear that this follower doesn’t think that David is a great guy.

Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, has tried to help her daughter on several occasions. She took over Jenelle’s oldest son when Jenelle was merely a teenager, because she couldn’t take care of him. She chose to sign over the rights to her son, and she has struggled to get them back. Barbara claims that she just wants Jenelle to have a stable relationship with no fighting before she gives back Jace. And she hasn’t really experienced that yet in her opinion.

Evans claims that David Eason is a great guy. She thinks he’s the best guy she has dated and she couldn’t imagine things being bad with him. In the trailer, it shows him treating Barbara with disrespect, but Jenelle claims that her mother is actually the bad person in this incident.

According to Perez Hilton, Jenelle Evans is referring to an incident that took place last year. The authorities were called to Evans’ home because a fight was taking place. The fight was between Jenelle and her mother, and David was holding Kaiser. Apparently, the story was twisted to include David keeping Jace from Barbara, which wasn’t the case. Jenelle reveals that David was merely holding Kaiser and that her mother did bring Jace home with her that night.

It will be interesting to see what kind of interaction Evans and her new man will have, especially since her relationship with Nathan Griffith ended so badly. The two are still trying to work out some custody issues regarding Kaiser.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans not being happy with MTV’s trailer for Teen Mom?

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