Leah Messer’s Custody Battle Chronicled On New Season Of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Leah Messer was hit with some tough blows in 2015. The Teen Mom 2 star was divorced from her second husband and lost custody of her twin girls. Messer had been accused of having a drug problem during Season 6 of Teen Mom 2, but the accusations were unfounded. She entered rehab for depression and anxiety. Messer had recently been seeing T.R. Dues, but that relationship has since ended. Now she is working toward taking care of her three daughters. Messer was recently granted shared custody with Corey Simms, and she couldn’t be happier. After a rough 2015, it seems 2016 is off to a better start.

Back in October, Leah Messer lost custody of her girls to Corey Simms. This battle had been brewing since early in 2015, some of which was chronicled last season on Teen Mom 2. According to Radar Online, Leah Messer was devastated after the judge’s ruling. She refers to life without her kids and mentions Simms taking them from her. In addition to various other issues, Messer had been having trouble getting the girls to school on time. Simms and his wife, Miranda, had been asking for more time with the girls and trying to help Messer out. After not getting anywhere, custody papers were filed, and ultimately, Messer temporarily lost the girls to Simms.

It would appear that Leah Messer is back on track with her life. She ended the relationship with T.R. Dues reportedly because it was affecting her ability to raise her girls. Messer seems to be back on track with everything, which is likely why the girls are back at her house. After appearing in family court in January, both Corey Simms and Messer came to an agreement. Right now, they are sharing custody of the girls, and it is working out great. It seems that much of what happened will be chronicled on Teen Mom 2, and fans are anxious to see how Simms got through to Messer.

Right now, Leah Messer is celebrating the return of Teen Mom 2 in just under a month. While it will dredge up some painful moments over the last few months, it is a great reminder of how far things have come for her. According to Us Weekly, Leah Messer will be facing the reality of life without her twins for several months. While she was allowed visitation, the day-to-day things were ripped from her. Messer was still the full-time guardian of Addie, her daughter with ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Nothing has changed with custody there, and for the most part, Calvert and Messer have been getting along. The last several months have been complicated, but nothing that Messer couldn’t handle.

Things have changed dramatically for Leah Messer since having her twin daughters several years ago. This is the seventh season of Teen Mom 2, and it is incredible to see how far Messer has come since the beginning. She has dealt with a lot and made some pretty poor decisions, but rebounds every single time. Fans were devastated to see where Messer was when she was filming last year, especially after hearing she lost custody of the girls. Now that she has worked with Corey Simms to come to a reasonable custody agreement, everyone is happy. Messer is moving forward with her life right now, focusing on her three little girls. The Teen Mom 2 reunion show has yet to be taped, and that will be a better update of where Messer is right now in life.

Teen Mom 2 returns on March 21, and until then, Leah Messer is focusing only on doing what is best for all three of her little girls.

[Image via Leah Messer/Facebook]