Did Sarah Palin Resign as Governor of Alaska because she's Pregnant? (VIDEO)

Did Sarah Palin Resign as Governor of Alaska because she's pregnant?

There has been a whirlwind of speculation as to why Sarah Palin suddenly announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska. Some think it's stress related from all the attention her and her family have been subjected to, particularly the moral issues surrounding her daughters. Some think she may even be preparing to run for President of the United States in the 2012 Presidential elections, but the one that is probably most interesting was presented by CNN's Rick Sanchez.

In a discussion on CNN earlier today with Candy Crowley, Rick Sanchez says:

There have been a couple other situations that might cause someone to feel a lot of stress. But aside from those, is there anything going on with her that perhaps may lead her to want to make this decision, and the one thing that's still left out there is, hey, could she be pregnant again.

Could Sarah Palin have resigned because she's pregnant?

So what do you all think, Inquisitr readers: Do you think Sarah Palin is stepping down as Governor of Alaska because she may be pregnant?

What are the implications for future high profile female politicians if this is really what's happening?