Does NeNe Leakes Think Kim Fields’ Husband Is Gay?

NeNe Leakes decided to help Kim Fields after Kenya Moore decided to call out Kim’s husband for being gay. While Kenya claims that Phaedra Parks brought up the gay rumors, it was indeed Kenya who decided to pursue the gossip and make fun of the situation. While Kim has stayed somewhat silent on the whole thing, NeNe decided to sit down with Andy Cohen to clear up her side of the story. According to a new Bravo report, NeNe Leakes is now revealing that she has spent time with Christopher Morgan, and she doesn’t get a gay vibe from him.

Apparently, Kenya claims that there had been plenty of stories about Christopher on the internet, but the ladies didn’t know about them. She claimed that many people in Hollywood had questioned his sexuality despite being married to Kim Fields. While NeNe Leakes didn’t really believe that he was gay, she did want to make up her own mind.

“Let me just say, there was something that happened on the bus. On the real bus in Jamaica, that was never seen on the show that Phaedra, myself, and Porsha were talking about,” NeNe explained to Andy Cohen when she visited Watch What Happens Live this week.

Leakes explains that she did have a run-in with Chris. She doesn’t go into details about this little incident, but Chris ended up apologizing to NeNe Leakes. It is possible that she got into it with Chris over what happened in Jamaica, and it is possible that this incident has been featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta or will be discussed on the reunion show.

“Like we had a little run-in with Chris. We did, and Chris apologized later. So I think that’s where our comments were coming from, I want to say that,” NeNe Leakes revealed to Andy, sharing that she had met up with Chris after the Jamaica trip. “Secondly, I also want to say, Chris was recently at my home. He was there at my home during [the] Super Bowl. I do not think that Chris is gay. Now if I think you’re gay, I’ll say it. But I don’t think Chris is gay at all. I want to be clear about that. I don’t think Chris is gay.”

Of course, Kim hasn’t said anything about her husband to the media. Maybe she feels that it is simply too much drama to even talk about her husband’s sexuality. And she may be taking NeNe Leakes’ advice when it comes to women who question her: just set them straight. Fields did comment briefly on Kenya’s decision to gossip about her husband in her Bravo blog last week.

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“Kim’s inner monologue at that moment: I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs,” Kim Fields revealed in her Bravo blog in response to Kenya Moore’s accusations.

She added that she thinks Kenya needs professional help after stirring the pot about the gay rumors. Fields didn’t see how Phaedra actually started the conversation, but she was already angry with Kenya for pulling out her chair during the heated argument over who would be producing Cynthia Bailey’s commercial.

It sounds like NeNe Leakes’ assessment of the situation is fair. He has clearly spent enough time with her to show her who he really is. While some of the ladies may still question him, Leakes is standing by her co-star. And surely, Fields appreciates the support from NeNe.

What do you think of NeNe Leakes’ comments? Are you surprised that she is standing behind Kim Fields given that so many of the housewives are questioning his sexuality?

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