‘Fat Chance’ Participants Strive To Lose Weight And Find Love

Love can be an extremely powerful motivator, but is it enough to help eight people lose weight and keep it off? The Wrap shared that Fat Chance is TLC’s new reality show that will follow each participant as they struggle to lose a lot of weight. Perhaps the Fat Chance cast members will gain enough newfound confidence during the process to help them find the courage to profess their love to that special someone they’ve had their eye on.

Each Fat Chance episode will follow one individual during their three-month journey as they work hard to lose a specific amount of excess weight. Hopefully, all the hard work and the weight loss will be enough to boost their confidence. Then these Fat Chance participants can finally reveal their true feelings to the person they never had the courage to approach before.

“With the help of a professional trainer, they will confront the scale — and some emotional roadblocks — while they learn to love themselves again and find the courage to put their hearts on the line for a chance at love,” TLC told the Wrap.

According to the Discovery press release, this season’s Fat Chance cast members are a diverse group, but they all have one goal in mind. With the assistance and guidance of professional trainers, the Fat Chance participants will not just tackle their weight issues, but they will also face the emotional roadblocks that could hinder their progress. Some of them will re-examine what it means to first love themselves before they can love someone else. At the end, each Fat Chance participant will have a big reveal to showcase their weight loss, and then if they can muster up enough courage they will take that next step, which will be to find out if there is a possible love connection with their secret crush.

Brian grew up in rural Oklahoma and as a gay man, never felt he was able to be himself. Now after almost 40 years of struggling with being overweight, he has decided to make a drastic lifestyle change. Depressed and unhealthy, this Fat Chance participant tips the scales at 280 pounds, and wants to lose up to 100 pounds. He hopes the weight loss will be enough to enable him to find the confidence to ask out Mike, someone Brian has harbored a secret crush for since they first met.

Cheyanne, 27, weighs 212 pounds and would like to lose 60 pounds so she will have the courage to approach Reagan, someone she has had a crush on since she was a teen. As she loses the weight, this Fat Chance participant begins to realize that she doesn’t have to settle for an old crush, but can expand her search for true love.

As a single father, Daniel finds juggling life in both the courtroom and at home has taken a toll. Weighing in at over 300 pounds, this Fat Chance cast member’s goal is to lose 84 of those unwanted pounds. His would then like to ask out Christina, a childhood crush of his.

Derik weighs 324 pounds and this Fat Chance cast member’s goal is to drop 80 of those pounds. He believes his excess weight has caused him a lack of success in both his professional and romantic life. Once he loses the weight, he plans to change all that by pursuing both the career and the woman, who just happens to be a co-worker he’s known for a long time.

Lucy is a Fat Chance participant and is tired of feeling depressed. Weighing in at 170 pounds, she hopes that losing 50 pounds will help her achieve a state of well-being. A credit-card processor, Lucy plans to tell one of her clients, Kevin, how she really feels about him.

Fearing rejection, Meagan has never had the courage or the confidence to approach the men she would be interested in dating. This Fat Chance cast member is a computer teacher from the Midwest, and she weighs 220 pounds. Her goal is to lose 50 pounds in three months. She finds herself interested in Kevin, who is a personal trainer, and she hires him to be her boxing coach. Once she loses the weight, it remains to be seen if she can find the confidence to open up to Kevin and tell him how she feels.

Ta’Tiana, 21, just finished with college and is in love with her best friend, Steve. She doesn’t want to be just a pretty face and hopes that after losing 82 pounds, he will look at this Fat Chance participant differently and won’t reject how she feels about him.

Vanessa is a professional singer and feels that, at 235 pounds, her natural talent is definitely overshadowed by her weight. This Fat Chance cast member wants to lose 100 pounds and be able to finally tell Kyle, the man she is attracted to, how she feels about him.

After all the hard work, will these Fat Chance participants find love, or will they discover that they didn’t need to be thin to find love and have a relationship with that special someone? Will you be watching Fat Chance? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below. The series premiere airs on Wednesday, February 24, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Image via BWW TV World/Twitter]