‘RHOP’ Charrisse Jordan On Divorcing Eddie Jordan: Robyn Dixon Defends Juan Dixon Relationship

Did Charrisse Jordan actually go through with divorcing her husband, Eddie Jordan? In her latest blog post, posted on Sunday night after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac aired, Charrisse revealed where things stand now with Eddie. The relationship sounds complicated, to say the least. The co-star with whom Charrisse shared her divorce plans, Robyn Dixon, also admitted in her own blog post that she has an unusual relationship with the father of her children, ex-husband Juan Dixon.

In an emotional scene with Robyn, Charrisse told Robyn that Eddie wasn’t putting the same effort into being a great husband as he was being a great father.

“I don’t want to say negative things about Eddie because he’s actually a great guy. He’s a great father. He’s just a horrible husband. And he likes to function as a ‘family’ but when it comes to the relationship it’s a whole different thing…To be honest with you I’m at that point where I think it’s necessary for me to take drastic measures.”

When Robyn empathized, saying she took drastic measures when she felt the same in her own marriage, Charrisse admitted that she sent Eddie a text stating that she’s filing for divorce. She showed Robyn the text that she sent Eddie.

“I am waving the white flag. I give up on trying to make something of what is obviously gone. You can have your life to yourself, as you have been living it as you’re single anyways. I will begin the process of divorce.”

Charrisse said that Eddie didn’t even respond to the text.


On last week’s episode, Charrisse broke down as she talked to a friend about how she neglected she feels by Eddie, who lives and works in a different city as a university basketball coach. She said that she doesn’t even feel like she’s a mistress because at least a mistress gets some attention. Charrisse revealed that she and Eddie only talk to one another for a few minutes, and it’s very business-like. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Charrisse, in response to concerned messages after people watched that episode, tweeted that she’s okay.

In her blog, Charrisse Jordan surprisingly revealed that as of now, she has not filed for divorce, nor does she have any plans to. She admitted that she sometimes says things to Eddie to get a reaction, which hasn’t been working very well lately.

“That day I was having one of my unpleasant moments with Eddie. I was very angry with him and felt at that moment that I was done. I must admit, this is not the first and probably wont be the last time I feel that this is the absolute END. Our relationship has been a rollercoaster ride for the last three years. To date, I have not filed for divorce nor do I plan to. Sometimes I say and do things hoping for a positive reaction. There were times in my marriage where that strategy worked. Lately…not so much. But, I haven’t totally given up on my marriage as of yet.”

Sunday night’s episode also showed Robyn Dixon talking about her own complicated relationship. She revealed that she and ex-husband Juan Dixon not only live in the same house and still sleep in the same bed, they still have sex with one another. She also revealed that their two sons don’t really know that their parents are divorced. In her blog post, Robyn admitted that it’s hard to describe her relationship with Juan.

“The more I talk about my relationship with Juan, the more I realize that it really is not that easy to explain. I like to say that ‘we function as a family,’ but I know that still does not explain the relationship between just the two of us. Husband, boyfriend, partner, friend, baby daddy…none of those truly fit! I think I want to create another title. How about ‘person who I’ve known for a really long time and have two beautiful kids with and just can’t let go of?’ Yeah, that works!”

Robyn defended herself when a viewer asked her what the point of her relationship with Juan is and that she doesn’t get it. Robyn replied that others don’t need to understand her relationship.


Robyn added that her sons were toddlers when she and Juan got divorced, so it wasn’t something they would have comprehended.


Whatever is going on with Robyn Dixon’s and Charrisse Jordan’s love lives, at least they have one another to lean on. Charrisse declared her love for Robyn. Robyn in turn called Charrisse a real friend.


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