‘Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano Speaks Out About Angela Raiola — ‘Today Is About Big Ang And Saying Goodbye To Her’

Mob Wives star Karen Gravano took to Twitter to tell her fans that she was appalled at the behavior of certain cast members throwing shade and causing drama after the heartbreaking loss of Angela Raiola. Instead, Gravano chose to celebrate Big Ang’s life.

Karen noted, “Today is not about drama; instead, it is about Big Ang, and saying goodbye.”

Radar Online reported on Sunday that Karen and Brittany Fogarty were asked not to come to Angela’s wake. According to the report, Big Ang’s family asked they not attend because of the history their fathers had with Big Ang’s family. As it turns out, Karen was only asked not to attend the wake, as she did attend the funeral service on Monday. She was spotted with Carla Facciolo leaving the church.


Big Ang’s funeral service was on Monday morning. The cast members stated that Big Ang looked gorgeous, flawless, and just like they remembered her. It was very emotional for her closest friends, including Drita D’Avanzo, who was devastated at Angela’s wake on Saturday. Drita was photographed breaking down in obvious pain, proving that the loss of her good friend was weighing heavy on her heart.


Each one of her current and former cast members has spoken on social media about Big Ang and, in their own way, paid tribute to her. Karen explained that her heart was incredibly heavy as she prepared to say goodbye to Big Ang. The fact is, no one was ready for Big Ang to leave this world, and it is heartbreaking to have to send her off way too soon. Big Ang touched her fans and inspired them to live life to the fullest, so imagine how she must have touched those lives who had direct contact with her?

Big Ang was one of those souls you couldn’t help but adore her spirit. She was kind, generous, and, most of all, loyal. One of Big Ang’s most admirable qualities was her fierce loyalty to her family and her friends. As the fans are well aware, in this circle, loyalty is everything.


Karen stated she hoped that the cast of Mob Wives can put their beef with each other aside and honor Big Ang without any drama. After all, Gravano recognized that in their own way, each Mob Wives cast member is grieving the loss of such a loyal and faithful friend. Karen explained that she hoped that all who attend her service will remember today is all about their love for Angela and saying goodbye to her.

Staten Island Advance interviewed Karen, and she noted that Ang’s death came as a surprise to her. Gravano said she saw her days before her passing, and she seemed to be stable. When she heard she was going to pass away, she explained, feeling numb — she wasn’t sure how to deal with losing Big Ang from her life.

Karen explained that Big Ang had accepted her fate. However, it was difficult for Big Ang to accept her estranged husband, children, and family grief and sadness over her death. Big Ang wanted to make sure her family would be okay following her death. It was something that concerned her as she embraced her death.

Big Ang lost her battle with stage 4 brain and lung cancer on February 18. Today, her cast members and family paid their respects to the reality star and laid her to rest. Karen Gravano said she expected it to be extremely difficult to say goodbye to her dear friend and asked that Big Ang’s fans keep them all in their prayers.


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[Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images]