NASA Doesn't Want You To Hear This Recording Of An Alien Voice Found In UFO Probe On Mars, According to Conspiracy Theorists

JohnThomas Didymus

An audio recording has surfaced in the UFO conspiracy theory blogosphere claimed to be the authentic "leaked copy" of the recording of an alien voice obtained from a UFO probe discovered on Mars by NASA's Opportunity and Curiosity rovers.

The recording, according to the purveyors of the latest bizarre conspiracy theory to emerge in the UFO community, is the alien reply to the message titled "Sounds of Earth" contained in the Voyager Golden Records (VGRs) sent into space by NASA in 1977 on Voyagers 1 and 2.

NASA sent the message recorded on vinyl discs in the forlorn hope that "advanced space-faring civilizations" would one day find them and respond. The message included general information about Earth and its diverse life forms, human civilization and culture.

According to the Sheivae Project, NASA temporarily lost Voyager signals in the 1990s. The brief interruption of signals was due to the probes being intercepted by aliens who obtained and analyzed the message contained in the VGR.

But later, after NASA landed Opportunity rover to Mars in 2004, it detected artificial signals on the planet but was unable to locate the source of the signals.

Thus, NASA had to wait until 2012 when it deployed the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet. Curiosity rover picked up the signals and allegedly found an alien UFO probe on Mars containing a disc with a recording of an alien voice responding to NASA's VGR message.

However, a researcher who identified himself as Viktor, born in South Africa, reportedly claimed in an conspiracy theory forum thread that in 2011, he met a man who worked with a NASA-linked company. The man told him that NASA was aware that the VGR message had been intercepted in space but officials had no idea who intercepted the message.

After NASA's Curiosity rover obtained the recording of an alien voice from a UFO probe found on Mars in 2012, the whistleblower leaked it to Viktor before he died of cancer in 2014, claiming it was an alien response to NASA's message.

"We believe that this entity has found a way to understand and respond with what she heard from Voyager."
"You are my first contact. I am not your enemy. I come in peace."
"I try to keep an open mind, but it is real hard sometimes."

"Bollocks, a load of ****"

"Fake. An alien would not use the human phrase 'we come in peace.'"

"This is hilarious. Also, the voice is very easy to recreate with vocoder."

"Bollocks, a load of ****"

"Fake. An alien would not use the human phrase 'we come in peace.'"

"This is hilarious. Also, the voice is very easy to recreate with vocoder."

However, the UFO blogger compounded the already incredibly bizarre story with the suggestion that the alien probe on which the recording was found was likely the "levitating alien sphere" that UFO hunters had reported sighting on Mars in July 2015 (see YouTube below), as the Inquisitr reported at the time.

Express contacted Viktor and asked for the identity of the alleged NASA insider who leaked the recording of an alien voice.

"My friend asked me never to disclose his name, I'm sorry, I want to respect my promise," he answered.

He defended himself against claims that his story, and the alleged recording of an alien voice, is a hoax by hinting future disclosures.

"Disclosure pictures of the probe would be impossible to explain, but the files in the probe, they can make it look like a hoax, it's easy for them (NASA). People say I am a liar, so you can imagine what NASA can do against me, but I think people are not stupid."