Taylor Swift: Is She Responsible For Harry Styles And Kendall Jenner's Alleged Breakup?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles reuniting? Perhaps. If sources are to be believed, ever since Harry Styles quoted lyrics from Taylor Swift's new album, rumors of his reunion with Swift have been in the air, Korea Portal stated. But is this the reason Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have reportedly separated, MTV has reported? That's not really clear yet.

However, it's not like Kendall Jenner's remarks about Harry Styles' body odor are working in favor of their relationship. Styles has been criticized by Kendall Jenner. "I've asked him to shower more," Kendall was quoted as saying on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. "...a little deodorant never hurts," she added, Daily Mail has reported.

However, this was not the first time someone has complained about Harry Styles' in body odor department. Taylor Swift has also said that she and Harry could not kiss because she thought he had "the worst breath."

It sure looks like women agree on a few things. But is Taylor Swift the reason Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner moved away and allegedly broke up?

Hollywood Life had said that Harry Styles and Taylor swift would be back together in Scream Queens. Although that is great news for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift fans, those of Kendall Jenner may not take to this news well.

Also, Daily Mail had reported that Kendall Jenner was seen going out with another man. Kendall Jenner was seen hiding her face with a huge fur bag. That was really unusual of Kendall, who is usually pretty open with the paparazzi.

The man Kendall Jenner was seen with was identified as Leon "Starino" Anderson. It has been reported that Leon probably met Kendall through common friends. Is it just a night out with friends, or is Kendall getting back at Harry Styles for rumors of his reunion with Taylor Swift?

It's not like Harry Styles is willing to go out of his way when it comes to his relationship with Kendall Jenner. It was reported by Youth Health Mag that Kendall Jenner's "no sex" policy had actually increased the rift between her and Styles. Also, Kendall wasn't too happy with Styles' inability to commit. Harry Styles had told Piers Morgan in a show that he wasn't really sure if he was really dating Kendall, Daily Mail has reported. When Piers Morgan poked him to be more precise, he did not answer his question with certainty. So, then it might just be true that Harry Styles is responsible for this mess more than one would think.

"She told him that she wasn't going to be another notch on his bedpost," the source told Life & Style, as mentioned in Unreality TV. "So she instituted a sex ban until he can prove he's 100 [percent] committed to her. This is a trial period. If he makes one misstep, he'll be dumped for good."

However, it's not really clear why Taylor Swift was angry when rumors of Kendall and Styles were doing the rounds.

"[Taylor Swift] it made her hate the singer, who seems to be playing with her friend's feelings even if he knows exactly that Jenner wants a serious relationship with him this time around," Korea Portal reported. It definitely seems like Taylor cares about her dear friend Kendall Jenner. But does that mean she is really not involved in the Harry Styles-Kendall Jenner alleged break up?

With so many versions of the same story, it's pretty hard to come to the conclusion whether popstar Taylor Swift is really responsible for what is going on with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles and the alleged break up rumors.

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