'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Rick And Ridge Battle, Caroline Shares Big News, And Katie's Anger Toward Brooke Escalates

What is coming up this week on The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers tease that there will be intense moments between Rick and Ridge throughout the course of the week, but tender ones involving Caroline and Ridge. Katie continues to spiral out of control over Brooke, and there is more on the way regarding Nicole and Zende, as well. B&B viewers are anxious to see what comes next with Steffy, Wyatt, Liam, and Quinn, and it seems there is plenty ahead on that front, too.

During Monday's episode, Bold and Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps detail that Rick and Ridge will continue to butt heads. Rick pulled Maya's portrait back out, insisting that Eric support him in putting it back up over the mantel. However, it sounds as if Eric will side with Ridge and choose to keep Stephanie's portrait up there through the weekend of events with the Forrester Creations investors.

Naturally, this will spark a fresh round of anger from Rick, who will feel betrayed. As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central detail that Maya will be right by her husband's side, supporting him and trying to keep his rage controlled. With Ridge's return to town, B&B fans can be sure that this ongoing battle between Ridge and Rick will continue to be an issue.

Caroline and Ridge will get a chance to further reconnect during Monday's episode, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that she will share the big news with them about the gender of the baby. Of course, Caroline was rattled to be with Thomas as she learned the news, knowing that Thomas is surely the real biological father of the baby. For now, however, Caroline and Ridge will continue to keep this under wraps and work toward welcoming this baby boy.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that Wyatt will be getting a bit worried about Quinn, and he'll pay her a visit. Of course, Wyatt has no idea whatsoever that Quinn has been hiding out an amnesiac Liam at her cabin as she pushes her son to go full-steam ahead in wooing Steffy. Wyatt won't figure out what Quinn's been up to yet, but Deacon will confront her again during Friday's show.

Steffy feels as if she has heard enough now from Liam to look toward moving on with Wyatt, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that she will talk with Ridge about the situation on Wednesday's show. She thinks that Liam left her that cold and angry voice mail to leave him alone, but things may be taking a turn on this front on Thursday's show.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will try calling Quinn on the February 25 episode, but someone else picks up the phone. Naturally, this will very likely be Liam, and the buzz is that Quinn's wacky plan is about to start falling apart. She is falling for Liam, strangely enough, but it sounds as if her hold over his captivity may not last too much longer.

There is more on the way regarding Zende and Nicole this week, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he gets an offer from Brooke that could shake things up with Nicole. He has been trying to be supportive of her pregnancy, but it's been a challenge, and Brooke's offer flushes those issues out a bit more.

In addition, Zende's attempt to set up a date with Nicole seems to ultimately leave them wondering if their relationship isn't meant to be. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sasha will be around and shaking things up this week as well, as she is still angling to get frisky with Zende as a way to get back at Nicole.

There is plenty of drama related to Katie set to play out this week as well. Bill is trying to get his wife to let go of her anger toward Brooke, but she's too deep into this to listen. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that he will be quite worried that this situation will destroy their marriage, and there are teasers floating around that indeed a split may be on the way. Unfortunately, Katie thinks that her one and only problem is her sister Brooke and she can't see much of anything else right now.

When will Liam remember the truth about who he is and how will this impact Steffy's relationship with Wyatt? How bad will things get between Katie and Bill? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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