Sam Smith To Take A Hiatus From Music After The Oscars? Singer Wanted To Take A Year Off

It’s hard to imagine music without Sam Smith’s voice. Since he had his first U.S. hit by being featured on Disclosure’s “Latch,” Smith as been on every list. He was the one to look out for, the one you should be listening to, and the next big thing. Then, just like that, Smith exploded all over the radio, earning many No. 1 hit singles, with successful tours and many live performances to follow.

It’s been almost four years since Sam Smith hit the music scene in the U.S. and really made a name for himself with his silky smooth voice. The singer told Deadline that he originally intended to take a year off from music, and that still seems to be something he’s interesting in doing. However, getting nominated for an Oscar wasn’t in his original plan at all. The singer is nominated for Best Original Song for the Spectre track “Writing’s on the Wall.”

Although he seems to be surprised that his journey has taken him to the Oscars, Smith shouldn’t be surprised. After all, his Bond track is the first No. 1 Bond song in 30 years. He even managed to surpass Adele’s Bond theme song “Skyfall,” which wound up winning an Academy Award. This year, Sam Smith has a little competition with Lady Gaga’s song from The Hunting Ground, “Til It Happens To You,” which is also nominated for an Academy Award.

Of writing the song, Smith said, “It was very, very, very, very surreal to get that. It was absolutely great. I was so proud that this song even got on the charts, because I remember when we first did it, I was like, this is not a pop song. It’s a very surreal moment to me, actually being next to [Lady Gaga] and being up for it.”

Of trying to take time off but failing, Smith said, “The Oscars have changed stuff a little bit, because I was meant to just have the entire year off. I’ve learned some stuff about myself in the past few months, and the truth is, I can’t take time off. The day after New Years Eve, even though I was insanely hungover, I just went straight into the studio. But I haven’t got a plan to release anything as of yet, and I don’t think I want to release anything for a bit.”

Since first starting in the industry, Smith’s appearance has drastically changed, and as the Inquisitr reported, many fans are worried that he’s simply burned out. That said, Smith has been very honest about wanting to have a fit body, but there are those out there who think he’s going to extremes to achieve fitness.

When he shared his newest transformation on Instagram, one fan wrote, “He needs to stop losing weight it’s making his head look bigger and his body super thin.”

Another referenced famous late singer Amy Winehouse, who struggled with bulimia and drug abuse.

“I hope that weight loss is natural it would be a shame if a [sic] Amy Whine House [sic] syndrome would be repeated. Congratulations on the weight loss.”

Smith recently opened up about his weight battle.

“I mean it’s not like this horrible diet that kills me. When I want to eat something bad I do it, but I’ve just got to stay on top of it, which is tough. I just love fried chicken and cheese!”

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]