Only A Bible Didn’t Burn: Man Pulled From SUV On Route 385 Before It Exploded – Woman’s Facebook Video Gets 1.2 Million Views [Videos]

There are two amazing videos going completely viral in the wake of a harrowing car crash. As reported by Fox News, only a Bible was left intact and unburned in the front seat of a vehicle that went up in flames on Route 385 in Memphis, Tennessee. It was the afternoon of Sunday, February 21, when the driver was sideswiped by another driver, and sent lurching into a pole, which set his car on fire. As the flames licked dangerously close to the driver, spreading from the hood and engine portion of the vehicle, people frantically raced around trying to extract the trapped man from the black Jeep SUV.

A harrowing video posted to Facebook by Anita Irby shows the car in flames as people worked desperately to free the trapped man in the burning vehicle. The Facebook video might contain cursing in the background, but the foreground vocals show Anita continually calling on the blood of Jesus to save the trapped man. That video by Irby has swelled to nearly 1.2 million views in the 16 hours since Anita uploaded the video to her Facebook page.

The below video shows the Bible that was extracted, intact, from the burned vehicle — which was reportedly right on the passenger seat next to the man whose life was spared in the fire. The fact that the Bible remained moved both witnesses and authorities emotionally, and left some praying with one another — as seen in the video.

While there isn’t an update about the car that sideswiped the Jeep, causing it to crash, there’s plenty of wonder over how the accident that occurred in the eastbound lanes of Route 385 near Ridgeway Road and Kirby Parkway turned out. It began at approximately 2:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, and witnesses reported that it was difficult to get the man out, because he was pressed all the way up against the steering wheel.


A police officer with the Memphis Police Department eventually extracted the trapped man, who ended up in non-critical condition in the Regional Medical Center. The unburned Bible is setting the Internet afire with praise, along with Anita’s Facebook description of the event.

“I just saw GOD on 385. I’m always in awe of his wonders but today just blew my mind. This car ran off the road and hit a metal post and burst into flames not to mention the passenger was trapped inside as the car was filled with smoke the flames began to fill the inside. THE ENTIRE EXPRESSWAY STOPPED and people ran from their cars trying to break the windows and open the doors of this man’s car to free him, as they were the others went up in prayer for God to deliver this man from the paws of the devil… Now it appeared our prayers was in vain because he couldn’t move and the flames had reach the inside of the truck. But God!!!!!!… the flames were on the inside but the way my God is set up The Way It Look Like and what it is, None of the flames touched him and even after the car exploded once All these God blessed people ran back up… Now the passenger even begged them to just let him die. End of Story he’s Alive and well… Jesus that’s my God.”

It’s a harrowing experience that showed people truly doing what they could to help the man. Some seemed to stand around in distress and worry, others prayed powerfully and another man poured water on the occupants to try and stave off the flames until something could be found to cut the seat belts after the windows of the SUV had been broken.

[Photo by AP Photo/Ajit Solanki]