Ashley Darby Hints That ‘RHOP’ Star Is Throwing Shade All The Time

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby may be the youngest housewife in Potomac, but she’s quick to pick up on her co-stars’ behaviors. In fact, Darby noticed when Gizelle Bryant called her a THOT (that hoe over there), and she’s been very quick to pick up on whatever shade comes her way. Ashley was even ready to defend her decision to Google her co-stars before they started shooting together. And according to a new Bravo report, Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby is now dishing her thoughts about co-star Karen Huger.

“At this point I’m used to Karen’s shade. I’m learning that while the women of Potomac claim to say exactly what they mean, it’s actually shrouded in shade,” Darby revealed when Bravo asked her about how she felt when Karen was throwing her some shade.

Of course, some of the housewives are hurt that she would Google them, so maybe they want to keep her at a distance.

But Ashley Darby thinks that the ladies are way too uptight and take things too seriously. Darby wants the ladies to loosen up a bit. While the ladies of Potomac are proud to be from there and they may take class, etiquette, and politics seriously, Ashley thinks that they need to loosen up a bit.

“Why are these women so damn uptight?! In Australia, where Michael is from and people have yacht parties ALL the time, guests are encouraged to take a dip. If Karen didn’t want us to swim, she should’ve thrown a party that was more fun and on land,” Ashley Darby reveals, defending Michael’s decision to strip down and jump in the water.

And one can wonder why Karen would throw a yacht party and not allow people to enjoy the water.

But Karen wasn’t the only one who had a problem with Ashley Darby’s behavior. Apparently, Gizelle didn’t think it was appropriate for Michael to jump in the water, and she decided to point out the racial differences in behavior. But Ashley isn’t falling for her comments. Instead, Darby decided to call out her co-star in her blog.

“And I really need for Gizelle to stop telling me ‘what black people do.’ She has not been appointed to the Council for Black Behavior. People can have fun in different forms regardless of their skin color – step into the 21st Century, boo. Let’s keep it 100 – if it’s just that you all can’t swim, just ask Michael for lessons!” Ashley Darby points out, throwing some shade — and potentially lessons — at Gizelle.

Even though Karen was accused of throwing shade at Ashley Darby, she doesn’t say much about Ashley in her blog. Instead, she reveals that she was hurt by Katie Rost as she opened up to Ashley about how she was hurt by Karen’s honest comments.

“We actually had a fantastic time at lunch, which is why I was shocked and disappointed to hear of Katie’s conversation with Ashley where she expressed that she was hurt by my honest response. Frankly, I don’t believe that she was hurt at all, disappointed maybe, but not hurt. Why Katie didn’t express this “hurt” during our lunch troubles me. I am not a fan of name calling and poking fun behind each other’s back. I consider Katie a friend and I would encourage her to speak to me directly moving forward,” Karen revealed in her Bravo blog.

It sounds like these ladies from Potomac would benefit from just talking to one another.

What do you think of Ashley Darby’s comments that the ladies need to loosen up a bit? Do you think the ladies from The Real Housewives of Potomac are too uptight?

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