Demi Lovato Calls Out Taylor Swift After Kesha Donation, Social Media War Ensues

Demi Lovato isn’t one to keep her mouth shut, especially when it comes to issues that should be important. Last week, fellow songstress Kesha was denied the right to leave her contract with Dr. Luke. The situation is very complicated, clouded with allegations of physical and verbal abuse. Lovato spoke out in support of her colleague when the news broke. While she is all for talking about the issue and doing what is right, Lovato is having a hard time with what others are doing to show their support of Kesha.

When Demi Lovato heard the news about Taylor Swift’s rather large donation to Kesha to put towards fighting Dr. Luke, she was unimpressed. Lovato took to Twitter to comment on what she thought, including talking about the issue and bringing it to Capitol Hill. Moments later, social media went wild. According to Us Weekly, Demi Lovato fired back when people attacked her for shading Taylor Swift. Lovato explained her comments, using some very colorful words to get her point across. She is insisting there is no beef with Swift, but many think otherwise. Lovato is about supporting the injustice, but not by throwing money at someone. Talking about the issue, getting your hands dirty, and making the issue known are far more important to her than anything else.

Being a woman in the business is something Demi Lovato knows a lot about. She has talked about the pressures and struggles of being a famous woman, even some topics that many would refuse to address. Lovato is one of the more outspoken young women in the music industry, and that is why so many of her fans stand behind her.


A few years ago, Lovato had to attend rehab. She was battling an eating disorder and cutting herself, all stuff related to being in the business. While on the outside she appeared to be living a great, carefree life, she was torn up inside. After speaking out about the problems she was facing, Lovato learned how powerful her voice was. She could have an impact on so many lives, so why not speak out about what happened and the social injustices happening to other women?

Because of what she has experienced, Demi Lovato was pointing out that Taylor Swift could be doing more. Many feel like the tweet and words could have been softer and less accusatory, but Lovato is not apologizing for speaking out like she did. According to Hollywood Life, Demi Lovato is hanging on to her claim there is no rivalry with Taylor Swift. Not everyone is buying it, especially after comments were made down the line from Lovato about not having money to throw at someone.

Several of the tweets Lovato put out explained her initial comments, but it also showed that she was serious about fighting the issue and not just using money and power to scoot around it.

Even though Demi Lovato didn’t intentionally start a social media showdown with Taylor Swift fans, it is what happened. She is focused on speaking out about the situation Kesha is facing, but bringing it to a higher level. Change will only happen if people get involved, and Lovato knows how to use her voice to get the attention of her fans and people all over. There was no knocking down of Kesha at all during the heated Twitter conversation, but the jabs at Swift were definitely noticeable. Many of Swift’s fans came out to attack Lovato, and they have been relentless. Fans believe that Demi Lovato attempted to make others aware of a powerful way to use your voice, instead of just using your money and flying under the radar.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]