‘Gravity Falls’ Season 3 Update: Alex Hirsch Hints Series Return, Reboot After ‘Weirdmageddon 3’

Gravity Falls aired its final episode, “Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls” last Monday, February 15. While fans were disappointed that the highly successful Disney XD series ended after two seasons, series creator Alex Hirsch hinted that Gravity Falls Season 3 may end up happening after all.

According to TV Insider, Alex Hirsch admitted that there is a strong chance that Gravity FallsSeason 3 may actually happen in the future. Given the show’s huge fan base and how he felt towards the character, Hirsch shared that he, along with the cast and crew, will be happy to continue their story in the future.

“Its not inconceivable that one day we may return to this world because they are such rich characters, and with a little bit of time away from it, it’s possible there may be a special or something.”

Apart from the special, Hirsch hinted about the possibility of having a reboot or a comic. He, however, insisted that he is happy with how the Gravity Falls finale turned out.

Speaking to A.V. Club, Alex Hirsch shared that he wrote “Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls” almost a year before it premiered. As working on animation is such an arduous process, it took them quite a while to perfect the finale. He shared that he knew then and there that “Weirdmageddon 3” will be the last episode in the Gravity Falls series.

Hirsch used this time to prepare himself for the forthcoming finale so when he broke the news to the fans, he felt ready. The Gravity Falls creator added that he was surprised with the fans’ reception towards the show. He recounted an experience where he had to stay up four nights in a row just to finish an episode. He held that he almost gave up right then and there.

“I promised myself, ‘This is it. You’re not making another season. You’re done.’ Because I was wiped out,” he said.

Although Gravity Falls Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, Alex Hirsch admitted that they had no intention of coming back. It was, however, the fans who made him change his mind and ultimately finish what he started.

While he felt proud of their accomplishments, Hirsch shared that he could not help but feel relieved now that Gravity Falls is over. After finishing the script for “Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls,” he said that he will finally be able to sleep for the first time in four years.

“I feel proud that so many people liked what we did, and I’m also amazed that I survived the thing.”

In the interview, Hirsch reiterated that Gravity Falls is supposed to be a finite series about one epic summer. The showrunner explained that the Disney XD series is meant to take the audience back to their experience growing up, adding that it was about childhood and the fact that it was not infinite.

Hirsch shared that they had this goal in mind when they first started writing Gravity Falls.

“To me, it’s a more powerful statement about that transition to make something finite than to let something limp on and on indiscriminately just because it’s popular.”

In November, Hirsch confirmed that Gravity Falls will not be returning for Season 3. He explained that the animated series is not meant to be a show that goes on forever. He pointed out that they do not want to be like other shows that “go on endlessly until they lose their original spark.”

Hirsch, however, hinted that Gravity Falls Season 3 may eventually happen, but perhaps he will no longer be in charge. He explained that while he is personally done telling the story of the Pines family, that does not mean that fans will not see Dipper, Mabel, and Stan again.

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