‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian And Alexis Prepare To Wed, Morgan’s Decision Sets The Stage For Heartbreak In Port Charles

What is coming up in Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there is danger swirling throughout Port Charles as the gun delivery sets the stage for chaos. Alexis and Julian are about to get married, but viewers know that there are going to be some serious obstacles on the way to this exchange of vows. Where are things headed in the February 22 show?

Viewers have seen that Morgan is off his medications, and after hooking up with Darby at the warehouse and getting fired by Sonny, he is completely out of control. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that during Monday’s show, Morgan will make a choice that puts him in a very dangerous position.

Morgan has decided to head to the docks to watch over the gun delivery, which has been moved up to an earlier time than Sonny anticipated. He is watching Paul and Dixon meet and has a gun with him, a sign of very bad things to come.

While viewers will have to wait for additional General Hospital spoilers regarding what Morgan does next, it is known that much of the chaos will take place beginning in Tuesday’s show. It seems that Kiki’s life will end up hanging in the balance, believed to be at Morgan’s hand, and this will set the stage for intense heartbreak.

Monday’s episode also brings an awkward moment for Nathan and Maxie, as General Hospital spoilers share that she finds something questionable in his pocket. Nina has been very anxious to build a future with Franco, but he has been visibly hesitant to commit to much of anything. It seems that this challenge of having different expectations will lead to a difficult moment related to the idea of marriage during the February 22 show.


Alexis is with her daughters getting ready for the wedding, but General Hospital spoilers share that Sonny will have a bit of a surprise for her. He is at the chapel wanting to talk to her, and she is a bit taken aback to see him there wanting a moment with her. While the two do talk about his serious distaste for Julian, they also share some heartfelt moments and discuss their concerns over Kristina’s recent behavior as well.

Olivia had an intense premonition about Julian and danger ahead, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be startled again during Monday’s show. She is quite worried about Julian and looming danger, but obviously, she does not know exactly what lies ahead. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that anybody will be taking her concerns seriously.


Julian and Alexis will be heading down the aisle as this week plays out, but General Hospital spoilers have teased that Dixon will bust into the wedding and gunshots will ring out. Soap Central shares that Olivia’s premonition will play out to be accurate, and innocent lives will be affected by this mob deal gone wrong.

Just what does Morgan do down at the docks that leads to Dixon interrupting the wedding and lives hanging in the balance? Does Morgan accidentally shoot Kiki as many suspect will be the case? Viewers know that Lulu is in a bad spot throughout all of this too, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be fighting for her life as well. GH fans cannot wait to see what comes next as this chaos plays out this week in Port Charles.


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