Saint West 1st Photo: Kim Kardashian’s App, Not Instagram Or Twitter, Shares Picture Of Saint’s Face [Photo]

If you’re turning to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter or Instagram page to find the first photo of Kim and Kanye West’s son, Saint West, the photo of Saint hasn’t been published to Instagram or Twitter yet. Instead, as reported by E!, Kim used her app to share her first adorable photo of Saint. The West son is shown in photos below, looking so cute with both of his hands up in that surrendered position that babies often adopt when they are sleeping, as Saint appears to be doing in the photo that Kardashian shared with the public via her app in honor of her own father.


Kim related how her dad’s birthday prompted Kardashian to share the photo of Saint with her followers, as reported by E!

“Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all.”

Previously, Kim had only shared a photo of Kardashian holding Saint’s hand, but now that Kim has shared a photo via her app of the Kardashian and West baby boy’s face, folks are already commenting how much Saint favors his dad, Kanye. Saint’s photo proves that Saint’s skin appears darker than North West’s skin, and as such — plus coupled with the fact that Saint is a boy — Saint seems to look much more like Kanye, even as photos of North emulating Kanye with her facial expressions fill the net.

It’s a smart move for Kim to share Saint’s first much-anticipated photo of Saint’s face via the Kardashian app, where Kim and her business partners can make plenty of money from the app’s traffic. As baby photos go, Saint’s first photo could have garnered millions if sold to publications, therefore choosing to release Saint’s photo via Kim’s app is one of those smart business moves that hails from the type of business dealings that Kris Jenner would arrange.

It also takes the pressure off of the Kardashian and West families in terms of being hunted down by photogs trying to be the first ones to get a photo of Saint’s face. Releasing the photo of Saint’s face herself, via the Kardashian app, helps to keep the monies in the family, which is already reeling from Kanye’s recent exploits on SNL, and the leaked audio which featured West cursing and comparing himself to biblical figures like the Apostle Paul, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Khloe and Kim already used Khloe’s app to live-stream the comeback of Lamar Odom, when Lamar went for a big hike near their home with the sisters, and made it the entire hike.

Kim’s app is listed as having $2.99 in-app purchases as of this writing on the Apple iTunes app store — with further details listing Kim’s app as $2.99 per month. It’s an investment that might be worthwhile for journalists trying to keep up with the Kardashians — and it is described as follows.

“The Kim Kardashian West Official App gives Kim’s audience unprecedented and exclusive personal access to her life. Through the app, Kim shares original and curated content, interactive experiences, live streaming, access to offline events, tutorials, and much more. Kim is giving her fans more access and producing and curating more experiences here than she has ever offered before.

“Features include:

• Personal diaries from Kim
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“Kim Kardashian West Official App is $2.99 a month.”



[Photo by AP Photo/Jacques Brinon, File]