IndiaMart, India’s Version Of Amazon, Offers Old Movies, Used Clothes, And Illegal Drugs

Looking for a pair of trainers, a collection of old Sylvester Stallone movies, Basmati rice, or 2 kilos of human hair? That is no tall order. How about cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth or methylone? Users looking to buy illicit drugs are more than likely to find a dealer on IndiaMart.

NOTE: purchasing, or attempting to purchase, illegal drugs, through IndiaMart or any other website, is a crime. Don’t try it. This post will not contain any links to IndiaMart or its offerings.

As Public Radio International reports, IndiaMart might not be as popular as its other online counterparts. But it is actually the 2nd largest online marketplace in the world, offering a range of illicit products that you would never find on Amazon or eBay. Think of every druggie cocktail and illegal prescription, including deadly cocaine combos, codeine sprite syrup, Adderall, and bath salts. You will find them all on IndiaMart, with photos and sales pitches promising unadulterated quality and discreet deliveries.

IndiaMart seller Daiichi, who openly sells meth, explains as follows.

“We don’t really have police trouble from this. I know this is a controlled substance, But we’re very discreet. We ship worldwide. We are verified sellers and you can even confirm that with IndiaMart.”

IndiaMart drugs A crack pipe. You can buy crack, meth, or just about anything else on IndiaMart. [Image via Shutterstock/Chris Howey]Worth over $146 million, IndiaMart is a major player in the Indian tech success industry and has contributed immensely towards helping the country outpace China as the world’s fastest growing economy. IndiaMart’s brand ambassador is Irrfan Khan, one of the most recognizable Bollywood faces in Hollywood. He was the cop in Slumdog Millionaire, and the park owner in Jurassic World. As you sort through the best prices offered by ecstasy dealers, his handsome face pops up on the screen, urging you to place an order.

IndiaMart drugs Irrfan Khan, marketing ambassador for IndiaMart. [Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images]IndiaMart sells a wide array of legal goods. But despite an official policy against posting contraband on IndiaMart, hundreds of vendors continue to use the marketplace as a conduit for controlled substances.

Sumit Bedi, Vice President of IndiaMart’s marketing department, explains that the website is trying to police against illegal drug sales.

“IndiaMart’s efforts to block illegal drug sellers are evolving. We routinely consult with Indian police to obtain lists of illicit drugs and their street names. Typically, what you’ll see are slang names. The problem with slang names is that neither the government nor marketplaces like us are able to figure them out.”

But the drugs offered on IndiaMart aren’t exactly written in street slang. If you are looking for methamphetamine, type in “meth” in the search bar and dozens of sellers will appear. You can also type “promethazine,” or “lean syrup,” and the purple drank glorified by American hip hop super stars like Lil Wayne easily surfaces.

Drug vendors like Daiichi use the “verified supplier” visual screen feature to woo would-be buyers. But when you consider that the only requirement for a “verified supplier” is a working email account, it is no surprise that the online drug trade has been overtaken by scammers.

Most drug dealers post fake contact information and prefer to always reach out to potential buyers via email and in the fractured syntax of notorious Nigerian 419ers. To make matters worse, they want their cash up front. They claim to ship worldwide but opt to only receive payment from dodgy banks in Africa and Asia.

Bedi notes that IndiaMart will continue to work on keeping drug dealers and other scammers off of the site.

“Even though con artists and drug vendors inhabit a tiny, dark corner of the site, IndiaMart does have a responsibility to the market and will step up its efforts to weed out criminals. The more we learn about this, the stronger our system will become.”

Until then, IndiaMart continues to be a haven for hard drugs and a scammer’s dream because no one is dumb enough to file a police complaint against a dishonorable drug dealer.

[Image via Shutterstock/vespa photo]