Did Cynthia Bailey And Kenya Moore Peace After ‘Best Friend’ Feud?

Cynthia Bailey was thrilled when NeNe Leakes came back into her life so they could resolve whatever issues they had with their friendship. But as it turns out, Cynthia was actually hurting Kenya Moore when she started hanging out with NeNe again. Moore was under the impression that she and Bailey were best friends, and her disappointment was clear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But according to a new Instagram post, Cynthia Bailey and Moore may have made peace. This is heavily hinted in a birthday greeting that Moore posted on Cynthia’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday To my BFF Cynthia Bailey LOL inside joke!!!!! I love you dearly and no BS in the world will make me see you any differently than I do. You are a kind, loving, honest and amazing woman. I’m proud to be your friend. #cynthiabailey #BFForNot #sister #kenyamoore #WomenOver40WhoSlay,” Kenya wrote on Instagram, sharing pictures of herself and Bailey.

NeNe was in none of the pictures.

Kenya explained that she was very hurt by Cynthia’s betrayal, because she felt that she was just pushed to the side as soon as NeNe came back into the picture. And Bailey did seem super excited about the possibility that she could work something out with her former best friend again. Since Bailey felt a bit judged by Kenya, she decided to speak out in her blog about the drama.

“I think the BFF drama was blown way out of proportion. There are other friendships in the group besides me and Kenya or me and NeNe. However, no one seems to really focus on them or question whether or not they are besties. I love Kenya and my relationship with her, but to my knowledge I have never referred to her as my best friend. We have become very close friends over the past couple of years, and I look forward to many more,” Cynthia Bailey reveals in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cynthia may not have called Moore her best friend, but they did spend lots of time together. And it makes sense why Moore would think that they were indeed best friends. But for Cynthia, her friendship with NeNe may have meant more to her at the end of the day. The two were inseparable for a long time, and then something went wrong. Cynthia Bailey was very hurt, so she was squirming with excitement when Leakes decided to come back into her life.

“NeNe and I recently rekindled our friendship. This meant a lot to me, because when I joined the group almost six years ago, she was the first one I connected with. There was no denying our connection. Jokingly, a Friend Contract was issued and signed shortly after. The rest is history. I am grateful for the friendship I have developed with Kenya, and I am also very excited to have my good ol’ girlfriend NeNe back in my life. Besties, BFFs, or however you choose to label us, I feel blessed to call both of these women my friends,” Bailey reveals in her Bravo blog.

Maybe Moore has learned what role she plays in Cynthia’s life, as the two are currently speaking to one another. Things are apparently so well that they were hanging out together and snapping photos of one another. Maybe Kenya just needs to learn that she isn’t necessarily Cynthia’s number one girl. She didn’t have any close friends on the show, which is why she may have clung on to Bailey as much as she could before she was hurt. At least now she has Matt in her corner – her new boyfriend.

What do you think of Kenya’s birthday post to Cynthia Bailey? Are you surprised that they are talking to one another and things are working out well these days?

[Image via Instagram]