Ben Higgins' Fantasy Suite Spoilers: 'Bachelor' Star, Final 3 Head To Jamaica In Episode 9

Episode 9 of ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season, airing on Monday, February 29, will feature Ben Higgins and his overnight fantasy suite dates. He will be down to his final three ladies for this episode, and viewers cannot wait to see how things play out. The final rose ceremony is just around the corner, and fans are anxious for Bachelor spoilers regarding what happens next.

As TV Guide details, Episode 9 focuses on Ben Higgins and his final three ladies as they make their way to Jamaica for the fantasy suite dates. Reality Steve's spoilers had pinpointed Jamaica as the location for these dates back during filming, and now the synopsis for the February 29 show confirms that this is where the sparks will fly.

Previews and Bachelor spoilers that are released heading into the next episode will surely reveal plenty of details regarding which woman gets which date. However, teasers do indicate that one lady will get a river raft ride with Ben, while another joins Higgins for some time at a waterfall. The third fantasy date gives Ben and one bachelorette a chance to rescue baby turtles. Of course, those daytime dates will also lead to dinner and an opportunity to head to a fantasy suite to spend the night together away from the cameras.

Will all three bachelorettes get the chance to head to the fantasy suite with Higgins? Reality Steve's spoilers for Episode 9 seemingly indicate that they do, as his Bachelor spoilers have not revealed anything out of the norm with these key dates. As for exactly what happens during the overnight portions of those dates, viewers will have to wait and see.

According to Steve's Bachelor spoilers, all three ladies get their full dates with Higgins. In addition, Reality Steve's spoilers detail that a bit of Ben and Caila's outing was spoiled during filming, as the two were spotted in their swimsuits watching fireworks. However, he adds that those social media posts have since been deleted.

The Bachelor spoilers have been teasing that Ben Higgins will be telling two different bachelorettes he loves them, and this happens during these overnight dates. Previews have detailed that a lot of drama ensues due to these emotional moments, as this will surely set the stage for a blindside for one lady at the final rose ceremony.

Which bachelorette does Ben eliminate at this final three rose ceremony? According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Higgins sends Caila Quinn home, keeping Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher. That pretty clearly means that Lauren and JoJo are the two who Ben said he loved during those intimate overnight dates.

Does this mean that Higgins' third-place finisher Caila will score the gig to become the Bachelorette 2016 lead this spring? Some suspect it does, as the guy or gal who finishes in that third-place spot on the Bachelor or Bachelorette does often get the opportunity to lead the next season. However, Reality Steve's spoilers share that no decision has been made yet, and the show may go in another direction. A firm decision likely won't come for another few weeks.

After Episode 9's rose ceremony, Ben, Lauren, and JoJo will head into the final dates. These will be featured in Episode 10, and the ladies should be meeting Higgins' parents as well. There is the "Women Tell All" special coming up after that, then the highly-anticipated Season 20 final rose ceremony.

Reality Steve's spoilers have teased the scoop regarding who gets Ben Higgins' final rose, but are his spoilers correct? Fans cannot wait to see how these last few episodes play out as Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, and JoJo Fletcher go through these final dates and wait to see if they will end up with Ben on ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season.

[Image via Ben Higgins' Instagram]