Jane Lynch’s ‘Angel From Hell’ Cancelled After 5 Episodes

Jane Lynch, of Glee fame, was until recently starring in Angel from Hell, but just as people were starting to get into the show, there has come the shock news that Jane Lynch’s show has been cancelled after only five episodes.

E! Online reported that network execs at CBS have cancelled Jane Lynch’s Angel from Hell and are planning on screening 2 Broke Girls in the same timeslot.

Design & Trend also reported about the cancellation and added that fans of Jane Lynch and the show in general have taken to Facebook to vent their anger at the show’s untimely cancellation.

Jane Lynch had starred with Maggie Lawson in the new comedy drama, and fans felt that they had only enough time to start becoming familiar with the show and its characters before it was unilaterally cancelled by CBS.

As Design & Trend noted, CBS originally ordered 13 episodes of Angel from Hell but cancelled the show after only five episodes had aired. The last episode to air was on Thursday, February 4, 2016, and fans feel that they were not given any notice and that the original 13 episodes should have had the opportunity to be aired so that fans could express their opinions about the show before its fate was decided.

The last time that the Angel from Hell Facebook page was updated was on February 9, 2016, and fans of Jane Lynch and the show took the opportunity to comment on that posts with their true feelings about the decision.

In particular, two echoed a lot of people’s sentiments: Jane Lynch’s show has been cancelled before it had a chance to prove what it could really do.

“I can’t believe this show has been cancelled!!! The cast is great and it is so funny! Didn’t get a fair shake.”

“No, please, CBS! At least show the rest of the episodes. And see if Netflix or Amazon will pick it up!”

Many people commented that they are baffled by the decision, considering that Angel from Hell had good ratings for the five episodes that were aired, and that overall it had had a positive effect on viewers. Other commenters noted that many now iconic shows started out poorly, and that even Star Trek, M*A*S*H, and I Love Lucy had terrible ratings for their full first seasons. The point was made that some of the most historic and generation-defining TV shows would never have existed had they been cancelled a few weeks into their first season without being given a chance to thrive.

As Fox News reports, the early cancellation of Angel from Hell will infuriate many people, as the secret will never be told as to whether Jane Lynch’s character is an actual guardian angel or just a delusional person who enjoys stalking beautiful blonde women.

The show did have a rocky start, though, as some fans might remember that it was originally intended to be debuted last fall but was bumped to a mid-season debut for unknown reasons. The series premiered in early January 2016 and only ran for five episodes before being pulled off the air.

And as Fox News mentioned, there is no word so far as to what will happen to the unaired episodes.

In the first week after Jane Lynch’s Angel from Hell was cancelled, the Thursday, February 11 8:30 p.m. timeslot was filled with a rerun of an episode of The Big Bang Theory. The following week, February 18, the timeslot was filled with 2 Broke Girls, and it seems as if CBS will continue to show the latter in the open timeslot.

Fox News reports that CBS has shown an aversion to single camera comedies in the past, so it seems that Jane Lynch and the rest of the cast and crew of Angel from Hell were always fighting an uphill battle with this particular network. On the other hand, Life in Pieces follows the same format as Angel from Hell and appears to have done well so far this season.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]