New One Direction Music Inspired By Louis Tomlinson’s Son?

It looks like Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne may have started writing the next crop of One Direction music under the gaze of Louis’ precious new son Freddie Reign.

The little Tomlinson tot is only a month old but he has already sparked a dozen Twitter trends, inspired a scandal with a formal “gate” name — “Babygate” — in the tradition of “Watergate,” sent Larry shippers into a state of fuming fury due to the fact that he is a living, breathing — and adorable — piece of evidence that Louis Tomlinson is not gay, and prompted concerned family members to snap up all the website urls people might use to publish lies about him, like

Freddie has starred in a couple of Instagram photos, living the dream of millions of fangirls as he nuzzled against dad Louis Tomlinson’s chest, as reported by Mirror, and generally just caused the world to lose all chill while he dozed in a blanket looking adorable and smelling like talcum powder and clean towels.

At this point the little guy must be glowing with the mighty power of Excalibur, he has been the focal point of so much magic and mayhem before he could even walk. We think it’s fitting then, that Freddie was around to supervise the first writing session for One Direction’s post-hiatus music!

Liam Payne arrived at Lax today and told reporters he was on his way to meet Louis Tomlinson’s son, as reported by Sugarscape. This was extra great because it followed reports that Louis was wondering why it was taking his bandmates so long, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“[O]ne photographer asked the very important question of whether he’s met Louis’ son Freddie yet – and his answer will make your heart hurt.”

“No I haven’t actually,” Liam revealed. “But I’m on my way to see him later.”


It soon emerged that Liam’s meeting with Freddie and Louis turned into a One Direction writing session. Louis took to Twitter to announce that it was great to be writing with Liam again yesterday.


Cute! Harry Styles has said he has never seen Louis “more focused” than since he became a dad. Harry even said Louis has found his “calling” in being a father, according to Hollywood Life.

It looks like Freddie may make his mark on the direction of One Direction too. Louis is said to be “smitten” with his son, and we bet that the joy and wonder of being a dad will be a big influence on Louis’ already-impressive songwriting, perhaps inspiring some string sections that make you think about how unexpectedly and grandly the events of life can unfold, or maybe some tender music box-like chord changes that make you tear up because they take you back to more pure and innocent times.

Whatever Louis and Liam come up with, it’s sure to be amazing. Lilo were behind some of the best songs in the One Direction songbook, and had a special hand in making “Midnight Memories” the great album it was.

The other great thing about Louis and Liam working together is that they might release some behind-the-scenes footage. Remember when they published “The Lost Jams” video and we got to watch them bicker about how many times Liam should sing “Hideaway” in the chorus?

Louis is definitely busy these days, but he is being careful not to neglect his girlfriend Danielle Campbell. The two were spotted sharing lunch during a grocery store stop in LA recently.


Louis’ baby mama Briana Jungwirth has reportedly banned Danielle from meeting Freddie Reign just yet, according to Sugarscape, so it seems that these outings are the only chance Danielle gets to spend time with Louis.

Louis was a bit short with a pap who asked about Freddie Reign, telling him it’s “nothing to do with you.”


Louis also lent his support to the girl scout cookie cause — he was spotted buying several boxes in LA today.


[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]