Camille Cosby Does Not Want To Testify Against Bill, Files Emergency Motion To Halt Deposition, Pending Appeal

Camille Cosby, wife of accused rapist, Bill Cosby, has filed a motion to delay the deposition for her husband, pending an appeal. Camille reportedly plans to overturn the judge’s order for her to testify against Bill Cosby and wants the deposition pushed back until the appeal decision is made. Based on press statements made by Cosby, she has a very good reason for not wanting to testify.

In the motion, which was filed by Camille Cosby’s lawyers on Saturday, it is mentioned that Cosby wishes to delay the deposition because she “has had no involvement with the facts or allegations underlying this case.” The 71-year-old wife of Bill Cosby may be onto something as she has not been present for many of her husband court appearances.

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After beating the most recent charge of sexual assault against him, Bill Cosby is now suing his accuser for defamation of character. In light of Bill Cosby’s new case, the presiding judge called for Camille to answer questions to determine if Bill’s accuser, was in fact, being the “opportunistic” liar that Bill claimed she was. For marital reasons, Camille Cosby sees this as a dilemma, but is the law on the accusers side?

Judge David Hennessey responded to Mrs. Cosby’s question by explaining that the law protects her from discussing her marriage but not from discussing the person she’s married to. The Massachusetts magistrate recently gave the following statement in writing to the Washington Post.

“Although Mrs. Cosby is correct that ‘the rule does not distinguish between testimony in deposition and testimony at trial.’ The rule’s underlying character — i.e. competence, not privilege — concerns admissibility of evidence at trial, and not a privilege against discovery. She has offered no authority suggesting, let alone establishing, that the spousal disqualification rule may foreclose her deposition.”

The law does appear to be in favor of Cosby’s accuser as her lawyer also considers a testimony from Camille Cosby to be necessary for the judge to make a good decision.

“She has important information as his business manager and, of course, as his wife of 52 years. We hope to learn information that is relevant to the claims which are an issue in this case, including Mr. Cosby’s relationship with other women.”


According to law, Judge Hennessey is well within rights to call Camille Cosby to the stand because the case is still in discovery. This means that any information about Bill Cosby’s character, excluding information about his marital behavior, is admissible in court and can be used either for him or against him. But because of Mrs. Cosby’s recent court actions, the testimony may never happen.

The court case against Bill’s accuser is essential for him to sway the public view, which can, in turn, help other cases against him. Bill Cosby is still fighting many allegations of rape, and drugging filed against him and so far, has been able to win all of them. This is due to the lack of evidence against Cosby and maxed statutes of limitations. Based on these facts, Cosby is likely to continue to win cases based on any fabricated information given by previous accusers.

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Just last month, Bill Cosby was released from prison on a $1 million bail after being charged with the sexual assault of Andrea Constand. Cosby claims the Constand is a part of a police conspiracy to imprison him under false pretences and is now proceeding in his case against Constand for defamation of character. Camille Cosby’s emergency motion is still pending. If the motion is denied, Camille Cosby will be expected to testify against Bill Cosby on Monday, and may be asked questions about his sexual activity and drug use, which according to the attorneys, is completely legal.