#Richonne: The Walking Dead's Favorite Shipped Couple Really Happened

Christopher Brown

Richonne has finally happened, and shippers rejoice as Rick and Michonne finally make their relationship a reality on tonight's episode of The Walking Dead.

"He gives some mints to Michonne and they hold hands. This leads to them making out on the couch. They both seem surprised, so it appears to be the first time they have hooked up. The scene cuts before they take their clothes off. The scene then cuts to Rick and Michonne both in bed, sleeping all naked when Jesus creeps in their bedroom"

Besides Eugene's peculiar request for #sorghum, #Richonne is all the internet is raging about tonight's episode

The actress told Chris Hardwick on the popular Talking Dead wrap up series that for the first time in a while, you get to see Rick and Michonne finally wind down and focus on something rather than just staying alive.

And with nothing better to do in a zombie apocalypse...one thing led to another and then all of the sudden -- Richonne out of nowhere!

Spontaneous sex happens under far less excruciating circumstances on drama series, but on TWD it becomes that much more epic, naturally.

What made #Richonne even more of a surprise was how the episode started initially. Rick and Daryl were bonding on a run for a sequence, which they reportedly prepared for by watching Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

While the duo was searching for essential supplies, breath mints, pop, and the super grain #sorghum per Eugene, they also found -- Jesus?

But no one cares about that side story on the account of Richonne becoming canon.

Hopefully, that doesn't mean that the #Richonne fan-art will stop rolling in.

And let's enjoy the memes which will surely come along with it as many are already brewing on Twitter.

Remember to tune in next week to find out whether TWD crew can trust the mysterious Jesus, Carl come to terms with having one eye, to see if Negan will finally figure out the Daryl blew up a fraction of his crew, and if we'll get to see anymore Richonne action.

[Image via Twitter/AMC]