‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Episode 11: Season 6 ‘Knots Untie’ [Video]

The Walking Dead is experiencing a bit of a renaissance for Season 6 that has not spent a moment without some sort of crisis brewing over. The onslaught of Walker hordes, the Wolves, and the struggle within has left many dead and many others grieving. But in Episode 11, titled “Knots Untie,” some of the core relationships of the series are going to start taking shape.

There have been many revealing moments on The Walking Dead unfold that has given the characters a renewed sense of hope. According to CarterMatt, the passion Rick and Michonne have found for staying alive has now given birth to their passion for each other. More on that later in the article.

What fans of The Walking Dead really need to know about Episode 11 is that everything that took place in the previous episode is about take shape in the next one. “Knots Untie” seems to be a metaphor for the episode, given that Rick and Michonne have decided that their passion lies with each other on both the battlefield and the bedroom.

Stick with us on this one, because what Rick Grimes and Michonne have done will definitely start to make sense for you. Just consider what Rick went through in Episode 9 of The Walking Dead. He once again lost another person that he could have potentially been in love with. Not only did he lose Jessie, but he was one of the mitigating factors in her demise. But Michonne came in at the last minute and helped to make sure that Carl would live to fight another day.

So, why would Rick and Michonne, two who are part of the core group of The Walking Dead, decide that they were the ones who are right for each other in this wasted world? Well, for starters, Rick has a habit of watching his women die. But Michonne is the one woman in his life that he has not had to worry about. She is strong and lethal, in every sense of the word. She is trained and shows no signs of being naïve in The Walking Dead’s hellish reality.

It only makes sense that he would will himself to fall for a woman who he knows for sure he will not have to say goodbye to, at least not anytime soon. She is a warrior and she can stay alive, at least in his mind.

Fans of The Walking Dead may also realize that Michonne has similar thoughts as well, and why wouldn’t she want a man like Rick? She trusts him and she knows he is a survivor and a warrior, just like her. They both care for Carl and Judith, so it just makes perfect sense for both of them to build something.

Enough about that, though. The Walking Dead is not a love story, and there is much more to the story to take a hold of. Jesus is officially on The Walking Dead. He has finally made his appearance on the TV series, and fans of the comic series know all too well that he is about to play a major role in events to come. The next episode is what will really advance his storyline in the series and will be the beginning of establishing his legacy on The Walking Dead, at least in the TV universe.

His last words on Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, while talking to Rick and in a somewhat compromising position, was, “We need to talk.”

Those four words held such an intense meaning and gave The Walking Dead fans that jaw dropping moment that teases the next episode. Hype is in the air. There are many ways that it can go, but those who read The Walking Dead comic books know that the end game with Jesus is not really an end game at all. He does not possess the evil of a series nemesis.

“Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger,” Jesus said in the preview for Episode 11. Trust issues loom over the episode preview, but The Walking Dead’s core group may just find a few more allies.

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