Weight Loss Strategies From The Stars Include Everything From Jenny Craig To Meditation

With spring just around the corner and summer on the way, there’s not a better time to get started with weight loss than now. Although there are many ways to lose weight, some of the most popular are often advocated by Hollywood stars.

Closer Weekly reported that actress Kirstie Alley, 65, showed off her amazing weight loss at the Jenny Craig Center in New York City. Alley first went back to Jenny Craig in April of 2014. Since then she has lost an impressive 50 pounds. She said that she was sick of the way she looked, and others were tired of her weight loss struggle.

“I like to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, you still look cool.’ That wasn’t happening. I really didn’t look cool or sexy or anything — I thought I just looked fat. [Before], I would think, I’m going to lose this weight and then I can eat anything I want. I was setting myself up to fail.”

Jenny Craig kicked off a Cheers-themed advertising campaign with Alley to show offer her new weight loss.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternek advocated sleep as an effective way to aid weight loss. Those who sleep at least seven hours or more may burn less calories, but the lack of sleep actually causes an increase in appetite. Lack of sleep actually increased the hormone gherlin, which increased appetite, and lowered leptin, which is called the satiety hormone.

WGNO ABC reported that Oprah Winfrey is trying a different approach to her weight loss. Winfrey appeared on social media wearing a red dress for Valentine’s Day, where she revealed she had lost 26 pounds using Weight Watchers. Since her appearance, she has lost even more weight, and it was revealed that she is using meditation to lose the extra pounds. She joined a meditation challenge with spiritual guru Deepak Chopra called Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit. The weight loss meditation challenge is said to help some with weight loss.

Chopra said that the meditation helps with shedding emotional baggage, something he said was often a part of weight loss problems.

“Meditation is a way of progressively quieting the mind. We are also introducing the idea of shedding emotional baggage, which frequently is the cause of weight gain.”

The Belfast Telegraph reported the training secrets used by Adele’s personal trainer to help her lose weight and get back in shape. Pete Geracimo, a London trainer, said that Adele used cable machines to train her entire body. She uses a program called the Modified Strongman Workout, which combines both weight training and circuits. Geracimo said it was the fastest way of getting results, and that Adele eats really clean.

“It trains a wide cross section of muscle groups and it’s very effective in boosting your metabolism and fat burning. She’s eating a really clean diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables, plus lean protein and complex carbohydrates.”

Adele trained with Geracimo prior to the birth of her son in 2012. Her weight loss plan also included giving up cigarettes and cutting back on alcohol. Although she said she didn’t want to be a size zero, Adele didn’t reveal how much weight she had lost since beginning her program. Her latest training is preparing her for a new tour that kicks off in Belfast on February 29.

[Photo by Pixabay]