One Direction The Horse Goes On Tour, Fandom 1D Shirts Created

In the world of One Direction, things seem to be centered upon Los Angeles and avoiding awards shows. Despite this, there are many weird things bubbling up while One Direction pretends to go on vacation.

As it appears, Niall Horan is the only person that is living out Zayn Malik’s dream of being a “normal 22-year-old” and has been rumored to be travelling on vacation in Southeast Asia over the month of February.

Although all of the members of One Direction may come back together in Los Angeles to hang out with Louis Tomlinson’s new baby or accept awards, they have officially bowed out of the BRIT Awards according to Hollywood Life.

Otherwise, One Direction is surprisingly absent from the media due to being in vacation mode, and this allows other One Direction-related topics to rise to the top. In this case, Louis Tomlinson’s sister appears to be helping out One Direction fans by being present.

In addition to speaking out about Louis’ child’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, according to J-14, Lottie Tomlinson has also been showing off her beauty with Lou Teasdale and Liam Payne’s ex, Sophia Smith.

Look recently reported about Lottie Tomlinson as she was showing off her amazing eye shadow techniques — and these may be attributed to her One Direction-related stylist friend, Lou Teasdale.

Naturally, as the Daily Mail points out, fans and friends of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson are likely to give him a chance to check out because he is looking tired around the eyes since the new baby arrived in late January.

In weird news, it appears that One Direction the horse is making One Direction the band very proud.

Famous racehorses include Black Caviar
Horse syndicate owners are encouraged to come by to pet the horses on a regular basis. [Image by Scott Barbour/Getty Images for VRC]

According to a El Universo report from February 21, Chilean horse owner, José Ormazábal, named his horse One Direction — and this particular race horse turned out to be a real winner. Like One Direction the band, 2016 is a year of hiatus for One Direction the horse, and now another horse will wear One Direction’s crown.

In 2015, One Direction the horse won “Horse of the Year” and had five classic races of consecutive victories. Currently, One Direction the horse will go on tour and be taken abroad to race at tracks around the world.

In other news, One Direction is also inspiring a new line of t-shirts for a feminist company. According to USA Today, two women, Angela Jin and Nishiki Maredia, got together and used inspiration from One Direction to create a line of t-shirts that have a fandom approach. For example, when explaining their shirts, the creators stated the following.

“They range from tees emblazoned with One Direction fan art to tributes to Black Lives Matter to crop tops (there are a few items that aren’t tees) that read ‘Girl Almighty.'”

Despite their obvious ability to influence a large number of graphic designs, One Direction is being shaded by the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Edinburgh News recently stated that “The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is more popular than One Direction.”

They went on to explain that “More than 82,000 tickets have already been sold for the four day event, exceeding the previous record of 78,000 tickets sold when the Tattoo was in Wellington 16 years ago.”

About the sales of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ticket sales, it was mentioned that they broke One Direction’s sales record in New Zealand.

In the future, fans may be seeing more pictures of One Direction with a ghostly Zayn Malik in the background. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

In the meantime, One Direction fans might be frightened if they see “Ghost Zayn,” according to Mashable. On February 19, they reported that Tiger Beat had a picture of Zayn Malik standing behind One Direction for their March 2016 cover … but Zayn was several shades lighter.

About the low-on-toner-ink version of Zayn Malik, they stated “Is Zayn Malik a ghost?” In many ways, Zayn Malik might be fading from One Direction, but Liam Payne’s recent positive interaction in public with Zayn, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, shows that he might be more of a part of One Direction’s Orange County days than first expected.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]