Cast Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Celebrates 200 Episodes With Memories Of How The Should Could Have Been Very Different

Sarah Field

The Big Bang Theory marks a significant milestone this week as the long-running series airs its 200th episode. As Variety reported, the cast and crew gathered for a celebration at Vibiana in Los Angeles over the weekend. The stars looked back on how they got the parts that, for the most part, made them famous. Kaley Cuoco remembers a prescient encounter with Jim Parsons as they were both auditioning for the show.

"He had a Blackberry that he couldn't get working. We were in the waiting room and he's like, 'This Blackberry is a new technology and I'm unsure.' And I remember thinking that guy would make a hilarious Sheldon. I had an inkling about that one."

— Variety (@Variety) February 22, 2016

— (@TVLine) February 19, 2016

Bialik knew nothing of Big Bang Theory when she auditioned, except that it was "big." Her only ambition was to be a working actor, but her manager nudged her to really try to land the role of Amy. Mayim had never seen the show and even now has yet to view the early episodes. She explained that she lives in a home without a television.

Jim Parsons recalls spending a great deal of time learning the tough words in the dialogue so he could fake it as a brainy physicist.

"I remember spending a lot of time memorizing because it was probably the wordiest audition I've ever gone in on. Any humor was not going to be funny if I was struggling with these words, many of which I didn't know and weren't easy to say."

Lorre told CBS Los Angeles that the interaction between the characters is the key to the show's success.

"These characters who would normally be alone and ostracized or estranged or out of the mainstream, they have each other and they've created their own family."

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