Damn Daniel Got Big Name Help To Go Viral

The Tech Insider admits to the laziness of writing an article on Damn Daniel, perhaps attempting to gauge why the video has gone viral based on the social media services talking about it.

The footage was originally posted on February 15 and tweeted out by the voice and maker of the video, @Josholzz, on the same date.

Josh’s voice is likely one of several reasons as to why the Damn Daniel video has gone viral, as it has a certain pitch which is easy to remember, especially when it’s repeated for the final edit.

The Inquisitr also wrote about the Damn Daniel internet sensation over the weekend.

In most of these reports, which lean on the responses from others online, some artists began to capitalize on the meme almost immediately like Pittsburgh rapper named Little412 has with a track, according to Hollywood Life.

Damn Daniel turned into a rap song Damn Daniel is turned into a song by Little412, who took a screenshot of the downloads for his new track based. [image by Facebook]The track has the standard derogatory phrasing that is common in rap music, and it embellishes not so much on the Damn Daniel meme but more on life in high school. It only goes as far with the meme, though, as placing the audio of the footage at the beginning and the end of the track.

And yet, this has not stopped various media sites from heavily promoting it as one of the “hottest” rap tracks out there, which could only be because of the popularity of Damn Daniel.

On February 17, the rap artist’s Facebook page showed a post where he acknowledged the new video and wondered why they couldn’t stop laughing at it, just 24 hours before they released the track and a few days after the Damn Daniel video was released.

A duo who go by the name Knuckleduster decided to also capitalize on the buzz and produced an EDM remix. Their version takes a sample of the audio to new heights, making it more dance friendly.

The main star of the meme is Daniel Lara, who took to Twitter recently to thank everyone for the popularity.


But much of this traffic might not have been possible without the help of big names in the media industry, such as MTV, which has shared the Damn Daniel video to its 13.5 million followers.

This is of course cross promotion for the Vans shoe company who according to NEWSDAY says that Clorox and AXE have tagged Damn Daniel to show their appreciation and support.

Damn Daniel advert by Clorox Clorox didn’t waste much time to create an ad for the viral Damn Daniel meme. [image via Clorox Twitter account]And while the article shows the tweets from those two companies, they leave out the one from the supporting star of the viral Damn Daniel video, those being the shoes themselves.


While one already mentioned Twitter account has millions of followers, Vans has 1.06 million and is likely seeing that total grow thanks to the free promotion by the meme makers.

At least a few people in social media have referred to the main star of the Damn Daniel as the new “Target kid,” or Alex Lee. Lee’s sudden rise to fame in 2014 was also due to going viral after a picture of him working at Target went out through social media and made him virtually famous.

His rise to fame is somewhat similar to Damn Daniel, in that his celebrity status got a boost from making an appearance on Ellen.

Such endorsements and popularity that directly affect Daniel’s prospects have not been repeated on Instragram or Google+, although Facebook gets plenty of mention. Facebook, though, is not as engaged with the creators of the viral campaign.

The attraction to the Damn Daniel meme is a combination of everything content on social media needs to go viral, and with enough endorsements from the right distribution channels, as it gathers up more support, it could remain one of the top memes of the year.

[Featured image by JOSHOLZZ | Twitter]